Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

I have one really awesome thing to tell you about this weekend, and one really stupid thing to tell you about this weekend.

Let's start with the bad shall we?

It was a record-setting 118 degrees in Phoenix this weekend.
That's pretty stupid if you ask me.

We set record high's for this time of year and only missed the ultimate high off 122 degrees set in June, 1990 by four degrees.
So stupid.
Normally I really don't complain that much about the heat, especially after 110 degrees, cause it all feels the same after that, but holy-crap-on-a-cracker, it felt like an oven this weekend.
So to cope, I ate ice cream, and didn't get out of the pool until the sun went down.

The other, really awesome thing that I have to tell you about this weekend, is the fact that...
I got a new car!
Don't ask me why we decided to go car shopping during record-setting heat, cause I really don't have a good answer. But you better believe I helped myself to the free bottled water at every dealership. I may have even put a bottle or two in my know, for the road.

But no matter, it was all worth it in the end when we drove off the lot with my new 
Hyundai Tucson!

A grand total of 15 miles were on the dang thing when we left the dealership.

If it looks like I have no makeup on it's because I don't.
I sweated (sweated?) it all off marching all over kingdom come in 
118 degree heat looking for a new car.

So anyway, yeah it was ridiculously hot this weekend but hey, it's an excuse to eat ice cream all day, never leave the pool, and buy a new car.
Things could be worse I suppose.

Happy Monday!!


  1. I am totes jealous over this woman!! I have been begging the husband to trade ours in while it still have value. Can Nate call him please!!!

  2. Holy moly that's hot!!! I've only been to Vegas and experienced the dry heat there, but I can't imagine it being that hot even with dry heat! And that car looks awesome! Definitely a top contender when I look at cars again in a few years! And I wish I looked that fab when I wasn't wearing make up and sweating like crazy! :o)

  3. Wow!! That is HOT!! I love the new ride though!!

  4. that is so the car i want next!! and a pool, that'd be nice! what a fabulous weekend! hey guess what? here in texas, we hit a record low last night! crazy stuff! usually we are pushing the record highs! #globalwarmingisfake

  5. dying over the new car... love it!! Get it gurrrrrrllll! :) congrats!



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