Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Got This Feelin' on a Summer Day When You Were Gone...

Here's the thing:
I hate house music.
Or techno music.
Or whatever you call it.
I always have, and always will, say heck no to techno.


I looooove this song by Icona Pop.
Seriously, so fun.

It came on at the Taylor Swift concert while we were waiting for her to come on stage, and I had never heard it before.
When I got home, I downloaded it on itunes and it's been on repeat ever since.

Yes, it has a few words that I would owe a quarter for if I were still a kid.
Yes, it says the same thing over and over again and they're not even really singing.
But guess what?
I don't care...I love it.
Girlfriend crashed her car into a bridge and watched and let it burn. 
She doesn't care.
She loves it.

So it inspired me to brainstorm my own list of sorts (cause I like lists like that)...

Google chat while at work - I don't care...I love it

I look like a donkey when I Zumba - I don't care...I love it

My husband hates it when I watch baseball. He thinks it's boring - I don't care...I love it 

I hog the sheets and sleep in the middle-ish of the bed - I don't care...I love it

I correct people's grammar - I don't care...I love it

My bed gets all furry when I let Gunther up to snuggle - I don't care...I love it

I'm 26 and I still laugh at fart jokes - I don't care...I love it

More than one Instagram in one day - I don't care...I love it

They say typing in all caps makes it seem like you're shouting - I DON'T CARE...I LOVE IT

...and so on and so forth.

Side-note, I wonder if her real name is Icona Pop?
...Either way, I don't really care.
I love it.


  1. So you are one of those people..the ones that hog the bed...see...I am married to one of those people...not cool miss riss...not cool..

  2. Haha! I love this song! Great post idea!

  3. Great blog post!! and ps you dont look like a donkey when you Zumba. hahah

  4. Haha this is such a good idea for a blog post. You should have made it a link up because I might just have to steal it!

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  6. I love the list you came up with! So creative. x


  7. Love fun new blogs to follow! Thanks for your sweet comment! Danielle

  8. okay so i love that song now too! and i still laugh at fart jokes. and when people say "do do". my parents think its immature. i think its funny. my husband thinks its funny. i don't care! i love it!

  9. "i look like a donkey when i zumba"...HILARIOUS. Can we go together just so I can see this in real life? hahaha



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