Monday, August 20, 2012

Some Randoms...

In light of my summer load of classes (which I swear I won't complain about anymore) some fun things have happened that consequently, have slipped under the blogger radar.
So let's update shall we?!

- Our dear friend Abel is shipping off to USMC boot camp soon, so his wife, the lovely Ms. Tyah over at Humble Haro Abode, put together a going away shindig for him. We (and by we I really mean Nate) BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs, we watched the Olympics, and just chatted and hung out. Don't ask me why we chatted and hung out on the patio in 113 degree heat, cause I really don't have a good answer for that one. 
Nonetheless, it was a fun, relaxing, chance to catch up with the Haro's and all who came before they begin their crazy Military journey!   
One more photo of the Original Quad to add to the collection!

- Charlene celebrated her birthday at The Living Room, a wine bar here in town that, oddly enough, living in these-here-parts, I've never heard of before.
Actually, I take it back, it's not that odd that I hadn't heard of a particular wine bar, cause I don't usually frequent wine bars. I more often frequent the grocery store, where I can buy a bottle of wine cheaper than I can buy a glass of wine at a wine bar. So, that being said, I felt pretty fancy at a wine bar, sitting on outdoor couches sipping wine and socializing with all these lovely ladies (and few more that left early or arrived late and totally missed out on our photo op). 
Good choice on the b-day celebration Charlene!

- Maycee was recently caught snuggling
The evidence:
I shouldn't mislead you. It's not like she just climbed on Nate's lap and started nuzzling and snuggling. She climbed up half way cause she was hungry and wanted to beg for her dinner. So then Nate coaxed her up all the way and she was not havin' it, flailing her limbs all over the place. But it was so cute that I made Nate keep her there until I could grab my camera and take a picture.
As soon as he let go of her she was gone like a bat outa hell.
Even so, this picture makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy.

- When I came back from my lunch break the other day at work I found this:
My coworkers totally enclosed my cubicle with parchment paper!!!

I must say, I've never seen anything like it. It was like I had my own little room, my own little hut. It was supposed to be a joke or prank of sorts...but jokes on them cause I was totally diggin' it! 
I left it up all day, that is, until the tape gave way and the whole thing caved in on me; I even added a few touches of my own: 
I'm thinking of asking if they can reconstruct my paper-made-office for me again this week...

On a different note,
check out this summer sky:
Pretty incredible right?!

I'm thinking those are all the updates that are going to fit in this post...mostly because I'm tired and wanna go to bed and can't think of how to wrap this post up.

The end.

How about that?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cry Me a River

I've never been one to use my blog as a journaling tool...cause, I dunno, it's just not my style. 
I like to keep things light around here. 
But holy-crap-on-a-cracker it's been an intense 12 weeks forreal. 
Yesterday concluded my four summer classes I took this year: 2 in first session, 2 in second session, and since I'm a grad student, I know that 2+2=4. AND since I'm a grad student, I know now to never ever do that again.
I've never wanted to down a glass bottle of wine so badly.

Check out my alarm from yesterday morning
I'm not sure if I'm just really bad at picking classes to take over summer, but seriously, I picked some bad classes to take over summer. I feel like it's kinda like how at the grocery store I always manage to pick the carts with the squeaky, cockeyed wheel that pulls to the left. I managed to pick the hard, quantitative, numbers-y classes to take online, in a condensed 6-week session, which resulted in me having to listen to this song before I started every study sesh just to get me pumped up:
 ...And that's not even a joke. 

I feel like I should be happy and joyful and in a superb mood, but despite my classes finally being over, I'm in the midst of arguing my final grade in one of my classes cause my professor is a loon. 
And grades like a loon.
And I've never wanted to down a glass bottle of wine so badly.
So needless to say, I still feel like I can't quite relax yet.
AND on top of all of this... I ate beef jerky today, which means I have to floss tonight.
Frick on a stick.
I hate flossing.

So, in order to try and get happy again I'm trying to find some things to look forward to, some things to enjoy. So here's what I've come up with so far:

Dancing With the Stars All Star season...Team Shawn Johnson!

New music from Ms. Swift.
New album from Ms. Swift...let the countdown until October 22nd begin!

Phoenix Suns basketball is just around the corner, and although we no longer have Na...rather, he-who-must-not-be-named, I'm a glass half-full kinda girl and hoping these rebuilding years won't be too terrible!
Next Starts Now!

So, now I'm gonna go sip drink some wine and wait for my grades.
And cross my fingers.
And pray.
And tell myself I will be happy no matter what.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Official Notice

It's been a rough month for Nate and I financially this month. It didn't have to be as rough give (or take) a few factors. So when I saw this on Facebook I took the liberty to fill it out on Nate's behalf. 
And then in the morning I'll give it to him, make him put it in a nice, pretty envelope, and have him hand it to me with a bouquet of Sunflowers.
He just doesn't know it yet.   

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's Gonna be a Fun Day...

The last week of summer classes began yesterday...
...pray for me!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday Story

One summer, shortly after high school I went to dinner with my best friend Charlene and her parents to celebrate her birthday.
After dinner we went back to her house and planned to go swimming. It started to monsoon so we opted to sit on her front patio instead and watch the rain.
After watching the rain for a little we decided we would rather play in it.
So we went out into the street and began frolicking in the thunderstorm. 
We ran up and down the street and screamed every time it thundered.
We waved at the 6 year olds watching us from their bedroom window in the house across the street... We were like, "neener neener neener we get to play in the rain and you don't cause you're little kids and we're cool high school graduates!" 
We acknowledged (albeit, disregarded) her dad's invitations to come inside in order to avoid getting struck by lightening.
We laid down in the middle of the street and watched the rain drops fall down from the sky and talked about how laying in dirty street water might give us a venereal infection.
But it didn't. So it's all good.

The end.

Happy Birthday Pookie!
I LOVE you!!


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