Friday, September 23, 2011


Remember THIS POST?...

...And God said, let there be baseball in October!

2011 NL West CHAMPS!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Company

So while Nate is away getting his Army on for a while, it's left me to tend to things I don't normally tend to. 
The recycling hasn't been emptied in 3 Thursdays
The trash hasn't been emptied in 2 Tuesdays
The lawn hasn't been mowed, nor been watered in 2 weeks
The mailbox is PACKED
and I'm starting to feel like a single mother dropping the dogs off at daycare in the mornings and shuttling them to and from Grandma's house so they're not in their cages 12 hours a day.

So right when I start to get lonely and want to whine about it, I think to myself...
How could someone be lonely with these two faces around??
(don't worry, they loooooove to be smothered, can't you tell?)

Snuggle time is up, like, 90% since we have 1/2 a king size bed to fill up, and Maycee has no choice but to pay more attention to me since Dad is gone.
It's a win-win. 
I mean, they're no Suppy, but they're certainly good company to have around while he's away.

Geez Mace, do you have to be so black? We can hardly see you!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I can't stand the Kardashians. They're so annoying.
Which is why I can't stop laughing at this clip.

"Can they still hear us?"

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a Bummer

It is with great sadness that I write this post.

Here's the thing, I used to really like this show

...but after hearing who the new cast will be for the new season, I'm a little irritated, pretty bummed, and really disappointed. I mean, I know these kinds of shows always consist of those "celebrities" who are "past their prime", if you will, but I always thought that Dancing with the Stars always had the better of the washed up/irrelevant "celebrities."
Not so much anymore.
Check it out:
David Arquette- hasn't seriously acted in forever. The only reason he's relevant right now is because of all his divorce drama. 

Ricki Lake- Enough with all the reality shows girlfriend. Find something legit to do. 

Ron Artest- I don't like you. Mostly because you play for the Lakers, and you hit a game winning shot against the Phoenix Suns a couple years back (not that I hold grudges or anything). BUT I get that you may be bored and don't have anything else to do during the lockout. At least you have a legitimate career. AND I heard your daughter who's a cancer survivor asked you to do the show and all your proceeds are going to cancer research. Alright fine, you're off the hook...but that doesn't mean I like you.

Rob Kardashian- SERIOUSLY?? 

Kristin Cavallari- I repeat...SERIOUSLY??

Hope Solo- You're a BA...and you're really also get a pass

 Chaz Bono- The only reason Chaz Bono might be considered a "star" is because he (she?) is the spawn of a star. Is this a political move? Cause if it is, I'm totally over it. 

Nancy Grace- Oh Lord help us...

I don't think I even know your name- But you just broke up with George Clooney...and that qualifies as "celebrity"??

And you are..??

Carson Kressley- Some reality show host, right?

J.R. Martinez- Not sure who you are either, but I hear you're a soap star and an Iraq war veteran. At least you're a working actor, and any veteran gets kudos in my book. You get a pass too.

So needless to say this season's line up is less than stellar and I'm really bummed about it cause, like I said, I used to really like this show.
Maybe I'll tune in anyway and someone will grow on me.
Only time will tell!

AZ Visitor

So my beloved friend Kristy Goplin was in town from Texas over the Labor day weekend and in order to appropriately honor a holiday of labor (what is labor day for anyway?)...we shopped. All day. And it was awesome. I explained to her what polygamy meant and she taught me what a Giani Bini is.
I don't usually get so lucky as to see Kristy multiple times in one year, so maybe this is the year to break that unfortunate trend after being in her wedding in April and now this!
We ate lunch at the cheesecake factory, hit up the Biltmore Fashion Park, and ended the day with Scottsdale Fashion Square and dinner at BJ's.

We've come along way since the 7th grade. Instead of discussing cute boys, veggie tales, or the shortest bike route to school, our conversations these days consist of cohabitating with husbands, careers, and a few other unmentionables.
In fact, we emphatically discussed how we're the only ones we know that are terrified to have kids and have no interest whatsoever, zero, zilch, nada, in doing so anytime soon. I thought I was the only one! In fact, when she asked me how often Nate and I get the baby question, I gave her a helpful hint in that if you're vocal enough about how much having kids freaks you out, family and friends will stop asking you about it.
You're welcome.
Our anniversaries are only a couple days apart so I'm thinking double anniversary vacations together! 
Hopefully I won't have to wait another year before I see her lovely face again!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flavor of the Week

Ok, so I need to be calm and gather my thoughts right now, because I'm getting really really excited just thinking about my new flavor of the week! And I'm totally cheating because I have TWO new flavors of the week right now and I am so dang pumped about both of them!
Flavor of the week #1
(I was totally gonna give a shout-out to my wildcat friends Abel and Tyah down in Tuscon for this one, but I decided against it because, quite frankly, I can dish out but I really can't take it)
SUN DEVIL FOOTBALL back!! And lookin' pretty sharp with the new uniforms might I add! 

 I found this video floating around on facebook and thought it was totally appropriate for my flavor of the week.

Give 'em hell devils!

Flavor of the week #2
iStudiez Pro
I found this app browsing the app store on my itouch last week and it is officially my new obsession! If you are a student I suggest you spend the $2.99 on this app: you will be glad you did! I've been looking for a "digital planner" for a while now, something besides the simple calendar app that comes standard on any itouch/iphone etc. I wanted one place to organize my classes, homework and readings, school info, and anything else I might need during grad school, since I've been out of school for a while now and am having a hard time multi-tasking my 2, count 'em 2 classes...lame I know, I'm trying to get back into my groove. Anyway, this app has all of that! There are a few different "views" you can utilize the app in: today's tasks, calendar, assignments, and planner views. In the planner view there's a place to break down your semesters, put in your classes, all your instructor's info, school holidays, and more. I like the calendar view too because underneath the actual calendar, it lists the tasks/assignments/events for that particular date you've selected, so you can see all of it at a glance. It will also sync with google calendar and your regular standard calendar app on your device (if you use it).

(totally not my classes...I'm not smart enough for biology and anatomy! Thanks Google images!)

 Anyway, I'm starting to get long winded about this thing...can you tell I was excited for it?!
 Bottom line: iStudiez Pro=student's best friend

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