Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Company

So while Nate is away getting his Army on for a while, it's left me to tend to things I don't normally tend to. 
The recycling hasn't been emptied in 3 Thursdays
The trash hasn't been emptied in 2 Tuesdays
The lawn hasn't been mowed, nor been watered in 2 weeks
The mailbox is PACKED
and I'm starting to feel like a single mother dropping the dogs off at daycare in the mornings and shuttling them to and from Grandma's house so they're not in their cages 12 hours a day.

So right when I start to get lonely and want to whine about it, I think to myself...
How could someone be lonely with these two faces around??
(don't worry, they loooooove to be smothered, can't you tell?)

Snuggle time is up, like, 90% since we have 1/2 a king size bed to fill up, and Maycee has no choice but to pay more attention to me since Dad is gone.
It's a win-win. 
I mean, they're no Suppy, but they're certainly good company to have around while he's away.

Geez Mace, do you have to be so black? We can hardly see you!


  1. You know who would be better company??? ME! hahahaha seriously I miss your face. We need to hang out BEFORE the Taylor Swift concert preferably. Let's get together soon!!

  2. HAHA!! "snuggle time is up to 90%" OMG love you Rissa!!



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