Sunday, April 1, 2018

You Were Good to me, March

3:41pm on a Sunday is a socially acceptable time to drink wine right? I spent the last little while pulling and editing photos (and by editing I mean pushing the button that says "enhance" one time because that is the extent of my photo editing capabilities) for this post and I had hoped by the time I was done it would be cool to have some wine. Although Nate is napping which means he's not awake to judge how early I start drinking, so I think wine it is. Sometimes when I can't think of a good way to start out a blog post, I just put down the first thing that comes to my head and roll with it, so that's what happened there. Apologies.

But anyway, I'm here to talk about the month of March because it's over and done and in the history books and I'm not quite sure how that happened, really. March went by fast is that just me? But nonetheless, it was a good time. I'm not mad at March. Other than the fact that I had to finally cave and turn on my AC cause it's been warmmmm and I was really  hoping to make it to at least April but alas, the Arizona spring said nope! Not today! Turn on that air conditioner guuurl! We're starting early! That, I'm mad at.

So my birthday is at the end of February which means early March meant I got to take out my new toy Nate got for me for my birthday and give it a test run. He got me the Weatherby Camilla - a hunting rifle designed by, and made for women. Which means it's smaller, fits my frame better, and I can finally stop buying hunting rifles in youth models (short people probs, know what I mean?).

I had a meeting for work near downtown Phoenix one day last month that coincidentally happened to be down the street from where my dad works; so I got to go bug him for like, an hour in the middle of the work day. When I got to his floor there was no one at the reception desk so I walked straight back into his office and hid behind his book case. I think I scared him when he walked in but he won't admit it. He was incredulous when he asked me "how'd you get in here?" I was like listen bro, your reception desk was left unattended and I spent too many take-your-daughter-to-work-days here as a kid to forget where your office was. I'm kidding of course, I don't call my dad "bro." That'd be weird.

One of my goals for the month of March was to close all my activity rings on my Apple Watch every day. Apple's Activity tracker app has your day broken down into three categories: Move (calories burned), Exercise (minutes spent exercising), and Stand (have to stand at least once every hour). Closing all three rings is hard for me because 1.) I work an office job and often times sit in meetings all day long (missing out on stand hours), and 2.) I'm a lazy POS on the weekends (missing out on calories burned, exercise, and def stand hours). I am happy to report that I was a good girl and worked hard and sometimes had to pace my living room before bed in order to get the last of those calories burned but, I closed all my rings every day and look at this work of art:

We spent a lot of time out on the cat this month (remember side-by-side = Arctic Cat = "the cat") because as mentioned earlier, it's getting hot fast out here in AZ and in the summer time, a ride out on the cat can really start to feel like a hair dryer just being blown right in your face on high heat. So we made the most of the cool weather and ventured to a couple new parts of Arizona we'd never been before, Savannah Point (Savannah oh-na-na) and the Sierra Ancha Wilderness. Both equally vast, and awesome, and beautiful.

And it wouldn't be a day out in the back country without Nate finding, and playing with (and pretending to throw at me) an insect of some sort, so here's a scorpion Nate found that he just casually decided to pick up with his pliers:

Arizona is just so bad ass, you guys.

In March I planted new house plants which, are already growing so fast I had to prop one up with a DIY wooden skewer and basically I feel like a full blown, professional horticulturist now.

I also started learning how to water color paint because my dear friend Jennica is so thoughtful and kind and knew this was on my to-do list for 2018 and she got me a beginner's kit for my birthday. I'm not good at it or anything and I'm just out here, following along with my instructional guide like a kindergartener, but it's fun, and relaxing, and makes me feel super artsy.

March was cool (like, temperature cool), fun, active, and full. 2018 is in full swing and I am ready for April!

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