Monday, October 31, 2011


Hammer Pumpkin Time!

That's right folks, it's that time of year again: pumpkin time! I looove to carve pumpkins... whether I'm actually good at it or not is another debate all it's own; but nonetheless I have fun doing it!

Nate and I headed out to Vertuccio's Farm where we've gone the last two years, to get our pumpkins. It's a really cute little place; it's family owned, and each year we go back it gets bigger. Now they've got all kinds of fun things for little kids, concessions, go-cart racing, a corn maze, and other stuff.

 And this year our leave-it-to-the-last-minute habit actually paid off: CHEAP pumpkins the day before Halloween! Well actually, we didn't really leave it to the last minute this time, we had to wait 'til pay day (while interning...for free, and a few less hours at work because of that, we've been forced to become very strategic with the pocket book), and the rest of the month has been so busy with Nate out hunting and me working the weekends, Halloween weekend was our only option to get our pumpkin carving on!
Better late than never!

I was worried it being the day before Halloween all the good pumpkins would be picked over, but I was pretty pleased with my pumpkin selection. I picked up two, because who can pass up the cute little bitty pumpkins?...well, Nate can, I suppose...but I suggested we get the little guys anyway!
Exhibit A:

Ready, Set...CARVE!

The Before


I'm pretty sure Maycee's tongue served as the Swiffer Sweeper while we carved; she didn't miss an inch of that floor. 

The After
Taaa Daaa!

(Clearly, the better of the half)


It's finally starting to feel like fall!

I should be doing homework...

Instead, I'm doing this...

Geez Gunther, quit distracting me with your adorable face, oversize ears, and precious little whimper telling me you want some of my lollipop. Don't you know my homework is due in 90 minutes??


It's what's for dinner....
Cause Nate done got himself another Coues Whitetail!

The week before he was supposed to leave on his hunt we got to talking one day about how tired we were. Nate goes,

"I dunno if it's the anticipation of this hunt, but I can't sleep lately...I keep dreaming about big deer."

If I wouldn't have known better I would've mistaken him for a 5 year old counting down the days 'til Christmas.
 Anyway, his hard work and preparation certainly paid off when he got his hands...or rather, his bullet...on this guy!

So, needless to say, we'll have another animal head mounted on the wall soon. I guess it's a good thing, 
Bucky mentioned the other day he was getting lonely up there on the wall all by himself. Now he can have someone to talk to, er, stare at. I told Nate I wanted to give him a name, just like Bucky. Turns out he came up with one before he even got home: Wide Erp; Cause his antlers swing really wide. ...Get it? Like, Wyatt Erp? The movie? Yeah, I know, I suggested I re-name him, cause I feel like "Wide Erp" is hard to say real fast and people might not get the play on words; but Nate said too bad, he likes it and the name's already stuck, and shut me down real quick. I mean, Nate found the deer, shot it at 600 yards, skinned and gutted it all by himself, and hiked it 5 miles out of the canyon...shouldn't I get to do something too? Like, name it at least? Throw me bone here man...

A prize deer head on the wall for Nathan also means food on the table! Kenny came over and helped Nate butcher it up and lemme tell was quite a sight to see!

We at breakfast burritos this morning with ground venison, and Hamburger Helper tonight with more venison. 

Nate gets 10 extra man points every time he kills something and we eat it for dinner, cause let's be honest here...that's pretty manly.
And my husband? Well...he's pretty BA.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Here's a few things I found this week that made me giggle...
I like things that make me giggle

Happy Friday!...Hopefully it's happy for you, I have to work tomorrow
Oh well.
Can't win 'em all eh?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vocabulary 101

Mean Muggin'


Definition of Mean Muggin'

a (1) : The act of giving a dirty look
b (2) : A stare down
c (3) : The stink-eye

Intended to nonverbally convey displeasure and dissatisfaction with one's pharmacy staff.

Mean Muggin'-Verb
Mean Mug-Noun

Looks like:
     -Rolling/squinting of the eyes
     -Tapping of the foot
     -Checking one's watch
     -Clearing of one's throat
     -Any combination of above-mentioned

Examples of Mean Muggin'
(1) Waiting room full of patients at 5pm who won't sit down, but rather, hover over pharmacy counter: " mine done yet?"

(2) 8 patients waiting in pick-up line stare down technician as he/she returns from lunch break as if to say "Finally! Get your butt behind the counter and hurry up; don't you know this world revolves around ME?"

(3) Patient drops off prescription and asks how long the wait is. Technician replies with "15 to 20 minutes." "(Insert mean mug here) Ugh, I can't wait that long. I'll come back tomorrow."

Origin of Mean Muggin'
Those patients who sit in the waiting room and shoot dirty looks to pharmacy staff as if to say they're not moving fast enough. Mean Muggers.

Monday, October 24, 2011


So it's no secret, by evidence of my last post, that I went to the Taylor Swift concert last weekend with my dear friend Kayla Lindholm, her husband Kenny, her soon-to-be sister-in-law, and her brothers.

And lemme tell ya...
It was everything I was dreaming of and more.

Did we sing along to every word of every song?
Yes. Yes we did.

Did we put our hands in the shape of a heart like Ms. Swift does?

Did we scream like little 12 year old girls when Taylor came on stage?

Taylor told us that our crowd was better than Friday night's crowd, that we were really really nice, and really really loud, and Phoenix always has the best fans ever. 
...I'm just sayin'.
I'm sure she doesn't say that to every city she goes to either.

Kayla and I went to her show the last time she was in town for her Fearless tour...and T-Swift has totally upped her game. 
She was flying on balconies, frolicking on bridges, popping out of giant golden bells, sparks flew, we were Enchanted and then we were Haunted, and she did it all faster than you can say sabotage.

In the middle of the show she took a journey to the back (ish) part of the arena and did a set of songs on this podium thing leaning up against a tree, and lemme just say, it was the closest I've ever been to her! ...I wanted to reach out and touch her pretty blonde curls...
Ok, maybe she wasn't that close, but compared to last years upper-level balcony seats, we were doin' pretty good. 

Next year, I will FIND a way to get a hug from her and tell her we should hang out.

Eventually the show had to end, which is weird cause I was expecting it to last for eternity and I wouldn't have to do anything else in life but hang out at the T-Swift concert. So, needless to say, Kayla and I had our sad faces on when it was time to leave.

I really wanna be friends with Taylor. Like, have slumber parties, hang out, and have coffee together kind of friends.

One of her backup singers she met randomly in a meet-and-greet line at one of her concerts.
 So I figure there's still hope for me.

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