Monday, October 31, 2011


Hammer Pumpkin Time!

That's right folks, it's that time of year again: pumpkin time! I looove to carve pumpkins... whether I'm actually good at it or not is another debate all it's own; but nonetheless I have fun doing it!

Nate and I headed out to Vertuccio's Farm where we've gone the last two years, to get our pumpkins. It's a really cute little place; it's family owned, and each year we go back it gets bigger. Now they've got all kinds of fun things for little kids, concessions, go-cart racing, a corn maze, and other stuff.

 And this year our leave-it-to-the-last-minute habit actually paid off: CHEAP pumpkins the day before Halloween! Well actually, we didn't really leave it to the last minute this time, we had to wait 'til pay day (while interning...for free, and a few less hours at work because of that, we've been forced to become very strategic with the pocket book), and the rest of the month has been so busy with Nate out hunting and me working the weekends, Halloween weekend was our only option to get our pumpkin carving on!
Better late than never!

I was worried it being the day before Halloween all the good pumpkins would be picked over, but I was pretty pleased with my pumpkin selection. I picked up two, because who can pass up the cute little bitty pumpkins?...well, Nate can, I suppose...but I suggested we get the little guys anyway!
Exhibit A:

Ready, Set...CARVE!

The Before


I'm pretty sure Maycee's tongue served as the Swiffer Sweeper while we carved; she didn't miss an inch of that floor. 

The After
Taaa Daaa!

(Clearly, the better of the half)


It's finally starting to feel like fall!

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  1. LOVE the pOOOmpKins!!! Very fancy carving skills! Our pumpkins have yet to be carved ... haha talk about last minute! Perhaps this weekend?!? xoxox



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