Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'm not too big of a Halloween person, I love pumpkins, and the fall, but Halloween itself really isn't my thang. And by thang I mean, dress up in a slutty outfit, call it a costume, and go party somewhere. But to each his own...I ain't here to judge! But Nate and I do like to do the hand-out-candy to the trick-or-treaters thang...that part is fun! But what is even more fun, and quite possibly my favorite part of Halloween is...wait for it...

Putting my dogs in costumes!

That's right. In fact, I got to thinking...does it make me a bad person that I like to have fun at my dogs' expense? Eh...they'll forgive me.

So since I didn't have this here blog last year, let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?
Last year Maycee was a grape and Gunther was a ram. 
  It was pretty funny.
They hated it.
I loved it.
Maycee was concerned I was going to put her in a slutty outfit and call it a costume, but I assured her I would never let her out in public looking like a slut...only like fresh produce.

And from last year's Halloween came quite possibly the funniest. video. least I think so.

So this year I was pretty pumped to dress them up again.
Gunther was Yoda

and Maycee was Bat Girl...but we much prefer "The Bark Knight."

It was pretty funny.

They were pretty mad at me, until I fed them their dinner...then they were over it. So it's all good.

We tried to have them sit outside with us and hand out candy, but they kept barking at everyone that walked up. Ugh.
It's like, you put a cape on Maycee and suddenly she thinks she's ferocious or something.
And Gunther who is, unfortunately, usually of lesser intelligence of the two, figured out that the dog door was open and he could sneak around through the back yard and into the front where all the action was.
Must be all that Yoda ju-ju making him a problem solver.

After the last of the trick-or-treaters came through the dogs could finally take off their costumes.
Though, Nate decided to take away Gunny's man card and made him into a cross-dresser
 Poor Guy.

Then Nate and I decided to get in on some of the fun. I'm thinking I might frame this one and set it on my night stand.

So what's in it for the dogs, you might ask? What fun do they get to have on Halloween?...

We let them shred their costumes at the end.

Another successful Halloween!

Costume ideas for next year: The Bark Knight rises?


  1. So cute you puppy lovers you!!! Wish I could dress Coopie up! HA! Love the mustard yellow and burgundy (if thats what it is) of your outfit! Very pretty!

  2. ooo you should totally dress Coopie up next year!! Sneak him into your apartment for the day! Or better yet, come to Phoenix and then I could see you too! =) ...Thanks! Mustard is my color right now, totally diggin' it!



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