Friday, November 4, 2011

Flavor of the Week

Hi. I'm Carissa.
And I get zits.
I get big zits, little zits, painful zits, I get them frequently, and they like to hang out on my face for a while. In fact, zits are the new "99%" and they're occupying my face.
Which is why my flavor of the week is:

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

I've yet to use a concealer that works better than this guy. I used to use the CoverGirl liquid-to-powder foundation, as my concealer, 'cause it was thick and I felt like it was the only thing that would actually conceal my blemishes. Then I found this gem-of-a-product and it conceals better than the liquid-to-powder foundation, and...wait for's actually meant to be used as a concealer! I use a small brush to apply it, then my finger to dab and blend it in. Plus it gets bonus points because it has an SPF 35 in it.

I've always heard that you should try your best not to pop your zits (Whoa! We're getting a little personal here!) but who wants an obnoxious white-head hangin' out in the middle of your forehead for everyone to see? Well, I've been trying to live by that theory and not pop my zits lately because this concealer covers so well, you can't even tell it's a juicer!

Oh happy day.


  1. love all your posts Carissa! You put my bogging to shame.

  2. baHAHAHA!!!!! OMG i love your juicy zits Rissa!!!! You are too funny! Ps perhaps a new birth control?!? that TOTALLY knocked my 99% down to like 25% !! LOVVVEE YOU! PS. We DEFINITELY need to make a ULTA trip together ASAP!!

  3. Aww Thanks Emily! I love your blogs!



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