Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Mostly Whiny Blog Post Just This Once

The last time I came to this space to put some thoughts down on paper, I vowed to blog more and blog better in 2017. We're nearing the end of February and this is the first time I've returned, so I'll give you two guesses how that's going for me so far (*eye roll emoji).

At the end of December I worked really hard on setting goals and intentions and bucket list items for 2017 and I was so excited for the new year. Then the new year came and shit hit the fan. I'm being slightly dramatic but really, one bad thing seemed to happen after the other. Heads up, I'm about to complain for the next few paragraphs so if you're not into that feel free to skip ahead.

Firstly, on my first day back at work after the new year/holiday weekend I got word that changes were happening on our team. Changes that made me sad, and mad, and anxious and it was all drama and I don't do well with drama. It wears me out. And it definitely doesn't put me in a blogging mood.

Then, on the same day I go back to work after the new year/holiday weekend, my internet quits working and thus begins the great Cox saga of 2017. In a nutshell (and trust me I need to put this into a nutshell in order to keep my blood pressure at non-lethal levels), the internet and tv lines on both the inside and outside of my house needed to be replaced and it took FIVE separate appointments, FIVE separate technicians, FIVE different times I had to adjust and take time out of my work schedule, and a few lots of tears to actually get them replaced and get my tv and internet services restored. THEN, when we got our bill last week not only did they not credit us like the supervisor we spoke to on the phone told us they would, but they actually tried charging us almost $100 extra dollars for the work it took them 5 technicians to do. I don't use the word 'hate' often, but I hate Cox. I hate them so much and I really mean it, you guys. I hate them and they definitely don't put me in a blogging mood.

Then my water heater broke and flooded my garage. And some of my bathroom. And parts of the spare bedroom. And then my mom's dog died, and we all cried. So basically, it was kind of a shitty January and nothing about it put me in a blogging mood. Also, "shitty" is my new favorite describing word.

But as always, we have to look for the good things in the midst of all the bad things, and there were definitely some good things in January too. Sarah was the first in our group of friends to turn 30...
...and Charlene hosted a party to celebrate. The theme was gold since it was her golden birthday (turning 30 on the 30th) and I have to say, Amy really nailed this one:
We ate food and hung out and passed bottles of wine around the fire pit and poured them into red solo cups and drank lots of wine out of red solo cups. Cause we're fancy like that.

Nate and I took the dogs and the 4Runner out on a rainy Sunday and cruised the Bartlett Lake area. We tried to get allllllll the way back to Sheep Bridge at the Verde River but came upon some really slick mud and basically started sliding down the hill. We were so close we could see the bridge, but decided to turn back considering the rest of the way was downhill, and I really just wanted to see the bridge - not heavens' gates, this day. It's the second time we've done this trip and oddly enough, both times have been in the rain and we've had to turn back.

So, even though January had some good, it was mostly bad and I'm happy we're on to February which is already going swimmingly. New year new blog me starts now. ...but in case it doesn't don't be mad either, mmk?!

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