Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hallelujah it's Easter!

"He walked the dirty streets. Famous for nothing. 
He said “come follow me” and they came. 
A face like all the rest. 
But something was different. 
The Son of God would lead the way. 
And soon they all would say.

There He goes - a hero.
A savior to the world. 
Here He stands with scars in His hands. 
With love He gave His life so we could be free. 
The Savior of the world.

He spoke with clarity.
Walked across the sea.
A single word would calm the storm. 
His touch could heal the sick
but He was called a hypocrite. 
Laid behind the stone.
His death was shortly mourned
He left the curtain torn. 

There He goes - a hero.
A savior to the world. 
Here He stands with scars in His hands. 
With love he gave His life so we could be free. 
The Savior of the world.

He choose to take the cross.
Shed tears for the lost
the broken and the needy. 
Forgiving those who were and will be.
The angel made it clear.
He told them have no fear.
He’s not here. HE'S NOT HERE!

There He goes - The Hero.
The Savior to the world. 
Here He stands with scars in His hands. 
With love He gave his life so we could be free. 

The Savior of the world."
"Hero"- Abandon

"But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him."Acts 2:24

Thursday, April 21, 2011


A pharmacist once told me that at one of his old stores he used to work at, one of the technicians wore a button reading "pharmacy technicians are humans too." I'm thinking I need to get one of those buttons. Simply to remind people that I am indeed, a human, a mere mortal and as such, I have mortal tendencies, or rather, supernatural Deficiencies.

I am unable to read your mind as to what medication you need refilled.

"I want to refill my prescription."
"Ok! What medication are you looking for?"
"I don't know the name of it"
"Do you know what its for?"
"Do you know what it looks like?"
"Can't you just look at my file and see which one? I don't know which one it is!"

I, unfortunately do not have any go-go-gadget arms to deploy in order to fill all 20 prescriptions lying on my counter simultaneously.

"Is mine ready yet??"
"No, I mentioned if you wanted to wait for it it would be 20 minutes."
"Yeah, and it's been like, a half hour!"
"Your prescription was put in the computer 10 minutes ago."
"You can't just grab it off the shelf and give it to me??"

As incredible as it may seem, I do not have some sort of a super-human immune system that is indeed...immune to all illnesses. I'd rather not talk to your doctor on your cell phone that you just pulled out from inside your bra strap and coughed and hacked all over. ..."How about he call me?..."

Upon reflecting on some of my weaknesses as a human being in a pharmacy on planet earth I've set some goals for myself to work toward.

1.) Invest in crystal ball
2.) Practice meditating every night. You will try to penetrate the thoughts of Maycee and Gunther. You will raise them off the floor using only your vision. ..."light as a feather stiff as a board, light as a feather stiff as a board..."
3.) Research reconstructive surgery to implant 3 additional arms and extra pair of eyes on the back of head.
4.) Find local magic wand maker. there an app for that?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yosemite Sam

So the other day last week as I arrived home from work, excited as I usually am, (cause who’s not excited when they’re finally off work?) I wandered into Nate’s gun room to say hello; you know, like “honey I’m home!” kind of thing. I found him sitting as his table where he often cleans/tends to his firearms. I leaned over to give him a “hi-good-to-see-you!” kiss and then began to hover, waiting for some attention. …cause I do that.

 He begins.

“You’re in my shooting range.”

A bit confused and taken aback at the lack of reciprocated excitement to see me, I look behind me and find this masterpiece.

He set up a shooting target concocted from assorted recycling pieces and was shooting from his work chair into the hallway at his target with his air-soft pellet gun. Inside the house. Within city limits.

“Oh. Well then. … Don’t mind me.” I reply.

Only in my household…

Friday, April 15, 2011

Batter up

Tis’ the season…of no more Suns basketball. It’s a sad thing, really. I mean, we didn’t even get into the playoffs and ended the season with a losing record for the first time in some 7 years or something tragic like that. Jared Dudley didn’t even dunk 10 times like he promised us he would! Geez! With that being said I am ready to put this season behind me and forget about all the sorry losses we incurred and try to look forward to next year. …that, and fervently pray everyday of the off season that no one trades Steve Nash. Anyway, since I get a bit bored when the Suns aren’t on and no other team to cheer for I have decided this year to return my attention to…you guessed it…the D-backs! It’s baseball season baby! Now, I used to keep up with the Diamondbacks religiously (I may or may not have made collages of articles and pictures from newspapers and hung them up in my lockers at school), but I haven’t kept up with them in quite some time, mostly because, well…they’re kind of terrible. I mean, I look at the roster and don’t hardly recognize one name anymore.

But one life lesson that my dad has always taught me is that “you’re not a real fan unless you’re still a fan when they’re losing!” …painful as it might be. So, with that being said, 

It's Get-to-know-your-DBACKS time!

Let’s pick up where we left off last year: We ended the season 34 games under .500 at a 65-97 record. Ouch. GM Josh Byrnes and manager AJ hinch got fired. …actually, maybe we don’t want to relive the pain. Let’s move forward, shall we?

Here's some fun facts. Did you know:

-Kirk Gibson is our new Manager (gone are the days of the mad scientist…)

-After a few years in the broadcast booth, Matt Williams is now our 3rd base coach (this one makes me smile; Matt Williams and all them boys make me think of the year we won the world series…with Williams at 3rd…sigh. Moving forward…)

-A few familiar faces remain in Stephen Drew at shortstop, Justin Upton in right field, Chris Young in center, and Miguel Montero catching (where did all the “baby-backs” go? Anybody, anytime?)

-Some dude named Juan Miranda now plays at 1st (what happened to Connor Jackson? He sure was easy on the eyes…)

To start the season we’re sitting at a 5-6 record and 5th place in the NL West. It could be a long and painful season, but the glass is half-full after all right?

“I will not be a bandwagon fan. I will not be a bandwagon fan. I will not be a bandwagon fan…”

Go D-backs!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

G is for Goplin...and Gettysburg

"Fourscore and seven years ago, our father brought forth on this continent" dear friend Kristy Crosson. Well actually her new name is Goplin, which will take some getting used to... At any rate, about 12 years ago I was sitting in my 7th grade choir class when suddenly I was paired with a tall, skinny, new girl to sing a duet with for our upcoming winter concert.
"I like your scrunchie."
She says to me
I reply.
And that ladies and gentleman, is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. ...that scrunchie was pretty sweet too. It was velvet. And tye-dye. To match my gymnastics leotards. Anyway, Kristy left me for Texas at the end of our 7th grade year and we've been able to keep in touch ever since. Kristy is my oldest friend, my "long friend" as she lovingly refers to it (if you're reading right now I hope you just giggled =) ). When we were young I used to ask her to sing to me over the phone before we would hang up...cause she sings...really good. And she would always serenade my ears with a smashing version of "Amazing Grace."   She was a bridesmaid for me in my wedding

and last weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to serve as one of her bridesmaids for her wedding as well.

Kristy is amazing and Slade is pretty awesome too, and I wish them a super duper happy married life!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Two years ago today, I married this guy.

Here’s a few things I like about him, in no particular order.

1.) Nate gets crap from a lot of people for always carrying a weapon on him. When someone asks “Why do you always have a gun on you?” his reply is always “well because I can’t carry a police officer with me wherever I go.” I get a lot of crap from Nate for not carrying a weapon with me, and my response to him is “well because I can carry you with me wherever I go.”

2.) Nate and I usually don’t battle over what to watch on TV. I can watch his hunting and fishing shows no problem, he’ll tolerate my Dancing with the Stars, we like all the crime shows, and sometimes I even get into Gangland. But the one thing I really just have never been able to get into is the UFC cage fighting. Mostly because he has this funny quirk about him that whenever the fight is over he’s, like, ready to rumble and I suddenly am stuck in some sort of an arm bar, or my legs have been tripped out from under me from some tricky maneuver. It’s for this reason as soon as he finds a fight on TV I high tail it to another room. Seeing how into it he gets, it’s kind of amusing, and funny, in a weird, annoying sort of way.

3.) Nate has this weird thing for flashlights. He really really likes flashlights. You name it, he’s got it: tactical flashlights, self-defense flashlights, flashlights that strobe and blink in funny patterns…he’s got it all. And again, Nate’s not much of an excitable person, so it’s comical to me to watch his eyes light up (no pun intended) like a kid in a candy store whenever he gets a new flashlight. That and plus if our power ever goes out we’re in goooooood shape!

4.) Nate is never afraid to fight crime. We saw (or actually, he saw, I was completely oblivious) two teenagers try and steel eggs from the grocery store once. He got out of the car walked up to them, made them sit on the ground, gave them a good lecture and the ultimatum to call the cops or they could go inside and return the eggs. He turned them in to the store manager and then we were on our merry way. Another time as we were leaving our neighborhood a bunch of kids tried to can our vehicle. He noticed exactly what they were doing, pulled over to the curb and asked them what they were up to. He gave ‘em a good talkin’ to, told them to knock it off, and made them leave with their fishing line and cans in tow. He also saw some dude try and steal stuff from Wal-Mart one day and after being confronted by the security guard the dude punched the security guard in the face. Nate saw what was happening, ran over, took the guy down hard, and kept him under a citizen’s arrest until the cops got there. He’s pretty BA.

5.) Nate can sing you every George Strait song there ever was, verbatim. That’s not even an exaggeration.

6.) Nathan is the master of the grill. Steak, chicken, fish, wild game, anything...he will grill it to absolute delicious-ness. Heaven in your mouth. He puts me to shame 'cause when he does dinner its always better than when I do dinner.... I'm working on it ok?? 

7.) Nate is the bees knees. 
He is as close as it comes to a real life, knight in shining armor. 
Here's to many more years...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whistle While You Work

Here's some notable exchanges from the workplace this week

Patient to my pharmacy manager: "When's your birthday?"
Pharmacy Manager: : I don't have a birthday. I hatched."

Young girl to staff pharmacist: "You have a hat on your head"
(note: my staff pharmacist if from India and wears a turban)
Young girl to her dad: "Daddy, why is he wearing a hat on his head?"
Staff pharmacist: "Cause I'm a genie."

Patient asks where the liquid Benadryl is. "It's for my cat. Do you have anything tuna flavored?"

In Summary
-Pharmaceutical companies should begin producing "pet friendly" flavors in all over-the-counter- drugs
-I work with a genie who, I fully intend to present my three wishes to on Monday
-I have the best. boss. ever.


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