Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whistle While You Work

Here's some notable exchanges from the workplace this week

Patient to my pharmacy manager: "When's your birthday?"
Pharmacy Manager: : I don't have a birthday. I hatched."

Young girl to staff pharmacist: "You have a hat on your head"
(note: my staff pharmacist if from India and wears a turban)
Young girl to her dad: "Daddy, why is he wearing a hat on his head?"
Staff pharmacist: "Cause I'm a genie."

Patient asks where the liquid Benadryl is. "It's for my cat. Do you have anything tuna flavored?"

In Summary
-Pharmaceutical companies should begin producing "pet friendly" flavors in all over-the-counter- drugs
-I work with a genie who, I fully intend to present my three wishes to on Monday
-I have the best. boss. ever.

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