Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas: Eve of and Day of

It's been about a week since Christmas/Christmas Eve, and per the usual, it's just now making it to the blog. Just in case you haven't noticed this will be the second post in one day, because I feel like I need to get 2012 stuff on the blog before 2013 arrives.
And since this is my last day to do it, there may be even more subsequent posts today.

I can safely report that for the second year in a row, we made it through Christmas without any tree ornament casualties.
I think we're getting good at this.
Strategic planning is all it takes. You can read about that Here.

Christmas Eve with the family was eventful, as always. We at shrimp until we couldn't eat shrimp anymore; at chocolate and Maple Nut Goodie Bars until we couldn't eat chocolate and Maple Nut Goodie Bars anymore...and then played our Christmas Trivia guessed it, food prizes!!
And there were some good ones this year. Including a double pack of Klondike bars in the freezer that you can't see from the picture.
I personally was going for the 2 half-pound Reese's Peanut Butter cups. 
And I got 'em.
I answered the first question of the game correctly (there are a total of eight "la's" in the Christmas Carol "Deck the Halls") and answered the second question of the game correctly to freeze my Reese's so no one could steal them.
That's never happened to me before.
Reese's make me do crazy things.
 And Nate scored the huge container of red vines, so I'd definitely say it was a win-win for the Townsend's this Christmas Eve. As the prizes each year keep getting better and better, we'll have to really study our Christmas trivia throughout the year.
My dad really should too.
He's pretty bad.
Sorry to call you out in it, daddy, but I'm just bein' real.

Some family pictures at the end of the night always confirms a good time.
My Uncle told me he didn't want to see these up on my blog, but surely he had to know that I can't not post at least one right? Or a few?
So I picked the ones in which he looks most dashing, so he can't be mad at me.
At least he shouldn't be.
I may be surrendering my title of "favorite niece" for this, but I hope it doesn't have to come down to that.
Just sayin'.

Since Christmas was in the middle of the week this year and Nate had to work the day after, we didn't drive up north Christmas day for more of Nate's family's festivities. So we were fortunate enough to sleep in, open gifts, make pancakes for breakfast, and a whole-lotta nothin' else!
If it looks like I've been in my pajamas all day and didn't brush my's cause I didn't.
And it was marvelous.
I'm not really one to post pictures of Christmas gifts, cause I feel like sometimes it comes off as bragging...but I do wanna brag about one thing:
I got a bow! And it's pink! And I freakin' love it!
I've been out shooting twice now and it really is so fun! I almost kind of like it better than shooting a gun...cause it's not as loud.
Cause I'm weird when it comes to loud noises. You know, the vacuum, the garbage disposal, the shooting range.
Hurts my ears.
But the archery range is almost close to silent.
Just the way I like it.

Oh and Duck Dynasty. I have to brag about Duck Dynasty. Cause I think everyone can agree that Duck Dynasty is the shiz.

Since I've mentioned before how terribly difficult it is to shop for my husband, I was pretty proud of myself when I got one of his gifts early in September.
Nate is a die hard George Strait fan, but has never been able to see him live.
Earlier this year the King himself announced he'd be embarking on his last tour, The Cowboy Rides Away.
Christmas gift!
I went online to look for tickets but, what the heck?? He's not coming to Phoenix?! Which by the way, I have a bone to pick with you artists that don't stop in AZ. Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the do you skip Phoenix, but make two stops in New Mexico?!
Whatever. I'll forgive you George. After all, you are the King. And plus it just means the hubs and I get to take a road trip!
I tried to be all clever and wrap boxes within boxes, and put a hint on each one using a George Strait lyric.
 I feel like I should get bonus points for this one.

And then, just like that, Christmas was over.
The day after Christmas has to easily be one of the most depressing days of the year.
There's nothing left under the tree.
My tree doesn't smell anymore.
KEZ is no longer playing Christmas music.
And I know that in a matter of days I'll be forced to take my decorations down.
What a bummer.

At least I still have some serious Reese's Peanut Butter cups to finish.

'Til next year!

More December Shenanigans

Last year my family and I took a weekend to head up north to Sedona for the Red Rock Fantasy Christmas lights display, and then on to Flagstaff to play in the snow.
You can read about it here.
It was hoot.
And since we're no dummies, if it was a hoot once we figured it'd be a hoot twice. 
Enter: the second annual Sedona Red Rock Fantasy/snowy Flagstaff weekend extravaganza.

Before our trip we were concerned there would be no snow to play in...after all, there was no snow on the ground.
Which would have defeated the purpose of going to Flagstaff, since the goal was to play in the snow.
You can see why this would give us a complex right?
 But since we have impeccable timing, the weekend we went up was the first snow storm of the season. In fact, we probably got more weather than we bargained for.
 It rained the whole way up to Sedona from Phoenix.
 In fact, some of the Christmas lights weren't on at the Red Rock Fantasy because of the rain.
Although, question: aren't Christmas lights waterproof? At the very least, weatherproof?
At least we got to enjoy the lights that were on. And there were some good ones this year!
Before we went to the lights display my mom and I bought these totally ridiculous cool hats.
Cause it was cold.
And we needed hats to keep our head warm.
It was just an added bonus that they were animal hats.
Mine's an owl.
And my mom's, while it looks like a pig, it's actually a unicorn.
So we called it the horny pig.
Cause unicorns have a horn, but it looks like a pig.
See what we did there?
Personally, I loved the hats.
Nate didn't.
But I was warm...and an I didn't give a hoot.
See what I did there?

He always knows how to ruin a good picture.

After we finished the Christmas lights we went to the restaurant/bar that's at the end of the route, the same one we went to last year.
My sister, mom, and me
 We had appetizers, drinks, some of us played pool, and some of us taught my mom how to play pool.
None of which included me. 
I don't know how to play pool and I wasn't really in a learning mood.
But if you weren't there, I feel bad for you. Because you missed out on the biggest air ball of all time. Mom tried to hit one and WHOOSH! Nothin' but air!!
We laughed.
Pretty dang hard.
  We also laughed pretty dang hard at this picture.
Talk about creepers.
My dad and his son-in-laws

The next morning we packed up and headed to Flagstaff for the day for some serious snow play. 
The snow was gorgeous!
Both the snow and the play were pretty serious.
Oh and the cold. The cold was pretty dang serious too.
We were fuh-ree-zing!
We inflated our tubes, the same ones we used last year, and hit the hill!!

Audrey and adam

Mom and Dad
Dad at the ready with his camera...

The hubs and I
Needless to say, we were pretty wet. 
You know you're from Arizona when you don't own snow pants and instead go play in the snow in your jeans. I'll have to make a mental note for next time...
Cause there will definitely be a next time.


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