Wednesday, August 28, 2013

13 Everyday Decisions I'm Really Bad at Making

1.) Wake up when my alarm goes off, or figure out what I can eliminate from my morning routine to sleep an extra 20 minutes?

2.) Is my hair too greasy to go another day without washing it?

3.) Clean my house on Saturday mornings, or catch up on pre-recorded episodes of 
Real Housewives of anywhere?

4.) Wash the tupperware with moldy leftovers from last week, or throw it all away and
buy new tupperware?

5.) Peruse Pinterest and be reminded of everything I don't have, don't cook, don't make, don't look like...or be content with my life?

6.) Vacuum, or just manually pick up the really big, really obvious clumps of dog hair on the floor?

7.) Should I tweet this?

8.) Should I Instagram this?

9.) Wash my dishes now, or later tonight? Or next week?

10.) Be productive at work, or refresh Google News every 15 minutes in hopes of
something interesting?

11.) Should I add a smiley face to this work email?

12.) Go to bed at a reasonable hour, or stay up all night blogging?

13.) Think of something to blog about on my own, or browse Buzzfeed until I find something I wish I would've written...and then write it.

Thanks Buzzfeed for this gem of a post.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Meet My Friend Mosby

Guess what's going down today?
A blog swap.
Oh yeah.
Can I get a hoo-ha two times Tuesday?!...hopefully you all remember that Dominos Commercial...

You can find me over at Mosby's blog today, at Simplicity is Key. Which also means that, per the definition of "swap" you will find Mosby here today! 
Mosby is one of my best bloggy friends, and just recently we took our blogging relationship 
to the next level.
...We exchanged phone numbers.
I know, cray right?!

Mosby is so wonderful I wanted you all to meet her...take it away girlfriend!


Hello T is for Townsend readers and friends!! I am Mosby and I blog over at Simplicity is Key.  
I am so beyond thrilled to be taking over Carissa's blog! I have only done one other of these guest posts things, so I am pretty dang excited to be doing it again!

I pretty much love Carissa to pieces (we like text and everything) and I about peed my pants when she asked to trade blogs for the day! I mean me?! Mosby?!  I guess I am pretty awesome...JK!

I figured yall might need to get to know a little bit about me.  I mean isn't that why we all read blogs in the first place? So without further ado, I give all the things you could ever possibly need to know to be my friend!

1.  You have to say my name properly.  Because if you go around calling me Mos-by or Mooseby I may never talk to you again.  It is pronounce with a long O.  The same way as Mr. Mosby from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother.  

2.  My top Love Language is quality time.  This can be even over text message like me and Carissa here have done!  But the more time I spend with you, the more I feel loved.  And in return my Love Language to you is giving gifts.  So it's a win win if you ask me!

3. I am a nerd.  I love school.  Which is why I have always said I would be a forever student if I could afford it.  For now I am going to grad school for my Masters in Mental Health Counseling.  And there may be a doctorate plan in the near future...

4.  I am a sucker for sweets.  Mainly ice cream.  That is totally the way to my heart.  Froyo works too!  I seriously could eat ice cream all day everyday and never get tired of it!

5.  I go with flow.  I really am a simple person to please.  I'm not super picky, I can always find food to eat at any restaurant, and I am very flexible.  I make time for the people I love even if it isn't always the best time for me.

6.  I am a very loyal person.  When we become friends I will have your back no matter what through everything.  I hate losing friends and will do whatever it takes to keep them.  Case in point: these girls have been with me since day 1 of freshmen year!

7.  I love the beach and the sun.  The best day to me is laying out by the pool or at the beach with a cold drink and a good book in my hand.  It really doesn't ever get much better than that!

And because I love to end things on awkward numbers those are all the things you need to know to be my friend! I hope you will stop by the blog and learn more about me so that we can become friends!!


And there it is ladies and gents. Go check out her blog, and love her as much as I do!

Happy Tuesday!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

8 Ways You Know You're on a Hunt With Your Wife

This weekend was a good one.
Wanna know why?
Cause I went on my first ever deer hunt.
My first ever archery deer hunt...there's a two-fer if I ever heard one.
I didn't kill anything, though. ...which would've made the weekend even better.
But I think my mom is happy about it - that I didn't "kill Bambi."
Thanks mom. Thanks for wishing failure upon me.

Even though I didn't kill anything, I saw six bucks and 2 does (the plural of "doe,"...don't worry I googled it) between Saturday and Sunday, and as long as I see an animal or two, and know there out there somehwere, I can't even be mad about not killing one.
I'm still a newb at this hunting/archery thing, so I didn't have high expectations for myself.
I just enjoyed the weekend with my husband in the great outdoors.

...Speaking of my husband.
Like I said, this whole hunting thing is still pretty new for me. So, likewise, having me around on a hunt is new for Nate too. 

That said...

You know you're hunting with your wife when...  

-You have to hike slower.
A lot slower.

-The noise coming from the ground blind is louder and more frequent.
...I just can't sit still for three hours straight.
I just can't.

-It takes longer to describe where the deer are when you find 'em in your binoculars
"Where? I don't see them. Where did you say? I still don't see them." 

-You have to take pictures...often...cause your wife's a blogger.
...and if you don't, she will.

...picture taking is really hard when you're in a camp full of men.
Men just don't appreciate picture taking the way women do.

-It takes 3-4 alarms before you're up and ready to go in the morning
...5am is freakin' earlllly for a weekend

-You have to hear about how "cute" the "little" does are

-There's pink in your camo bin

-You have to keep using the Scent-Away cause your wife keeps putting on 
lip gloss and hand lotion - which naturally, smells much too human

And there you have it.
I asked Nate if he regretted taking me with him this weekend, and he said 
"No. I just know I need to change my tactics a little now."

Thanks for putting that softly.
'preciate it.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Some Serious Survival Skills

Has anyone seen the show, Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel?
I know, it's a little weird.
Two strangers have to survive for 21 days in crazy environments, with no food, water, etc., and of clothes.

I'm usually all about a good survival show, butt (no pun intended) I can't understand why the TV networks want to add this element of naked-ness.

I've seen a few episodes, but I don't watch it you can't judge me, K?

All the contestants are given a Personal Survival Rating at the beginning and end of the show based on their skill set and how they developed over the course of 21 days.
The fun part is you can go to the website and take a quiz and get your own Personal Survival Rating.
So because I'm awesome and I live a glamorous fast-paced life...I logged onto the Discovery Channel website and took the quiz.
...I won't blame you if you judge me now.

Here's my score:

3 out of 10.
THREE out of TEN.

Well, Discovery Channel, perhaps your quiz didn't enable me to put my full repertoire of survival skills on display, because believe me...they're there.

For example:

-I can braid hair.
I'm pretty sure that would come in handy when I need to make a roof for my shelter and like, braid leaves together or something.

-I was a cheerleader in high school.
So I can yell for help really loud.
...and there's a little #throwbackthursday for your Monday evening.

-I use proper grammar.
So when we need to write messages in the sand for help, they'll be spelled correctly, have the right punctuation and the correct form of "your."
Some people probably never made it off an island because their SOS message didn't make sense.

-I'm a really good snuggler.
So we'll totally be warm at night.  
Just ask Gunther...

-I'm also pretty good at Marco Polo.
So when we're in a survival situation with no cell phones and I can't call you to find out where you are should you decide to wander too far from the shelter, I'm almost positive I could track 
you down anyway.

-Animals love me.
I'm sure I could get a wild hyena to warm up to me.

-I've watched a crap-ton of hunting shows on TV, so I totally know how to track an animal and 
kill it for dinner.
You just have to like, be quiet and stuff. And aim well too.
Easy peasy.

You can't tell me all these survival skills only warrants a 3 out of 10 survival rating.
I'm the next Bear Grylls. 
I just know it.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Wrote a Post About Absolutely Nothing

Since I have nothing terribly exciting to write about from this weekend, this post is going to be a 
mish-mash of items. 
That, and plus, I've had 2 glasses of wine already and I'm having a hard time keeping one train of thought.

Has anyone heard Randy Houser's, "Absolutely Nothing?" If not, I've provided it for you below for your convenience... 
...that's what I say in my work emails, "I've attached the flowchart here for your convenience. Please review and return to me by close of business day [insert date here]."
Not that that's improtant or anything... 
It's a fun little number, no?

That said, this is a song a post about absolutely nothing.

Has anyone ever made dumplings? Or potstickers? I can't decide if they're one in the same, cause every time I ask I get a different answer. But either way, I learned how to make them this weekend.
I can't guarantee they were pretty, but nonetheless, I made them. And ate them. And they tasted delish.

My coworkers and I all got together this weekend for one big dumpling party. Three of our interns this summer are from China, so they gave us the run-down and taught us how to make them.
I in particular, was pretty pumped since I've been eating a whole bag of frozen potstickers in one 
sitting these days. 

I love them.

And I love my coworkers. 
And we had fun eating, and drinking, and teaching the Chinese girls what it means if I tell you you're "the"
Cause they are, the 


Wenhui, me, and Megan. 
I would've taken more pictures, but I had flour on my hands all night and I was busy 
making dumplings.
And eating dumplings.

I just had to ask Nate how to spell "flour", the baking flour. Cause I totally typed "flower" originally. 

Too much wine.

Who else can't stop listening to this song?
Who else is reminded of their Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper from elementary school, by this 
album artwork?

That's who.

This song has been on repeat all weekend.
Yes, I'm that person that listens to songs on repeat.
Moreover, word on the street is she (Katy Perry) has a cat name "Kitty Purry."
I like you even more when you have a good sense of humor.

I thought I had more to add to this post, but I feel like I'm all out.

Soooooo hope everyone had a good weekend!

Happy Monday!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Weekend, and Living Room Surveillance

My first instinct, as I sit down to write this post is to be like, "Sorry folks, it's been a few days since I've blogged," but really, I'd hate to start out a blog post that way... cause I hate it when other bloggers start their posts out that way.
Don't apologize for being MIA in blogland.
It just means you've been out, living your life.
And I'm happy for you.
Go girl. Keep living your life. 
And get back to me (i.e. blogland) whenever your little heart desires.

So anyway, I meant to sit down Sunday night and tell you (via blog post) all about my weekend, and how my mom and I went and saw Hairspray at the local theatre. 

...and how it was just so fun and full of awesome-ness that we never stopped dancing in our seats.

...and how we went to Postino's before the show and enjoyed a Bellini (or three) and some Bruschetta that was absolutely amazeballs. 
...and how it was a pretty fantastic Friday night.
...but I ended up going grocery shopping instead. You know, cause Sunday's are for grocery shopping.

And then I was gonna post about my weekend on Monday night, but then my favorite baseball team started making a comeback in the 8th and 9th innings and I got distracted.

So here we are on Tuesday and I've already inadvertently told you about my Friday night. 

So Saturday Nate and I loaded up the quad (and when I say "Nate and I," I really mean just Nate) and drove up north to buzz around, do some shooting, and check some Trail Cams he set out.

Turkey tracks!

I came to this realization long ago, but it was glaringly obvious to me this weekend that my husband is so much cooler than me.
There's just no getting around it.

On another note, if you're unfamiliar with what a Trail Cam is (or 'Game Camera'), or their purpose -  basically, a hunter can attach a camera to a tree that is motion censored and thus, takes a picture every time something moves...namely animals. The idea is that the hunter can see if the animal they're hunting frequents their spot often enough.

Personally, I love to photobomb Nate's cameras.
It brings me great joy.
For example:

Anyway, this weekend we were hoping for some deer on his camera, but unfortunately got nada.
There were, however, a few bears.
Whenever I look at pictures from his Trail Cams I kind of feel as if I'm conducting surveillance on the wilderness.

On that note, speaking of surveillance (that was a pretty slick transition, no?)...last week we came home from work to a bunch of stuff chewed up and strewn about all over the living room. 
Not cool dogs, not cool. 

So what do you do when your dogs are behaving badly while you're gone all day at work?
You spy on them.
Via Trail Cam.

The good news is, no inanimate objects came to life a la Toy Story. 
That would've confirmed all my childhood fears. So I'm glad we avoided that.
The other good news is we found the culprit.
The photographic evidence doesn't prove it yet, but I just know it was a team effort, even though it was Maycee who was caught on camera.

Beyond behaving badly, the photos were pretty much what I expected for a typical day in the life of a dog...or two:


Hang out

Keep an eye out for marauders 

And of course this is Nate's, "Maycee, did you do this??" lecture after we got home.

So anyway, I started this post off telling you about my weekend and somehow took a left turn about how we set up cameras in the living room to catch the dogs being bad.

...Good thing school is over and I'm not being graded on the cohesiveness of this post.

Happy Tuesday folks!

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