Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Wrote a Post About Absolutely Nothing

Since I have nothing terribly exciting to write about from this weekend, this post is going to be a 
mish-mash of items. 
That, and plus, I've had 2 glasses of wine already and I'm having a hard time keeping one train of thought.

Has anyone heard Randy Houser's, "Absolutely Nothing?" If not, I've provided it for you below for your convenience... 
...that's what I say in my work emails, "I've attached the flowchart here for your convenience. Please review and return to me by close of business day [insert date here]."
Not that that's improtant or anything... 
It's a fun little number, no?

That said, this is a song a post about absolutely nothing.

Has anyone ever made dumplings? Or potstickers? I can't decide if they're one in the same, cause every time I ask I get a different answer. But either way, I learned how to make them this weekend.
I can't guarantee they were pretty, but nonetheless, I made them. And ate them. And they tasted delish.

My coworkers and I all got together this weekend for one big dumpling party. Three of our interns this summer are from China, so they gave us the run-down and taught us how to make them.
I in particular, was pretty pumped since I've been eating a whole bag of frozen potstickers in one 
sitting these days. 

I love them.

And I love my coworkers. 
And we had fun eating, and drinking, and teaching the Chinese girls what it means if I tell you you're "the"
Cause they are, the 


Wenhui, me, and Megan. 
I would've taken more pictures, but I had flour on my hands all night and I was busy 
making dumplings.
And eating dumplings.

I just had to ask Nate how to spell "flour", the baking flour. Cause I totally typed "flower" originally. 

Too much wine.

Who else can't stop listening to this song?
Who else is reminded of their Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper from elementary school, by this 
album artwork?

That's who.

This song has been on repeat all weekend.
Yes, I'm that person that listens to songs on repeat.
Moreover, word on the street is she (Katy Perry) has a cat name "Kitty Purry."
I like you even more when you have a good sense of humor.

I thought I had more to add to this post, but I feel like I'm all out.

Soooooo hope everyone had a good weekend!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Randy Houser is quickly becoming one of my new favorite country artists. He's just so dang good!

    That album cover totally reminds me of Lisa Frank. Oh man, how most of my money went to all things LF.

  2. That dumpling party looks so fun! I love trying to make our of the ordinary foods and it looks like you had good teachers!

  3. you better share those dumpling recipes!!



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