Wednesday, August 28, 2013

13 Everyday Decisions I'm Really Bad at Making

1.) Wake up when my alarm goes off, or figure out what I can eliminate from my morning routine to sleep an extra 20 minutes?

2.) Is my hair too greasy to go another day without washing it?

3.) Clean my house on Saturday mornings, or catch up on pre-recorded episodes of 
Real Housewives of anywhere?

4.) Wash the tupperware with moldy leftovers from last week, or throw it all away and
buy new tupperware?

5.) Peruse Pinterest and be reminded of everything I don't have, don't cook, don't make, don't look like...or be content with my life?

6.) Vacuum, or just manually pick up the really big, really obvious clumps of dog hair on the floor?

7.) Should I tweet this?

8.) Should I Instagram this?

9.) Wash my dishes now, or later tonight? Or next week?

10.) Be productive at work, or refresh Google News every 15 minutes in hopes of
something interesting?

11.) Should I add a smiley face to this work email?

12.) Go to bed at a reasonable hour, or stay up all night blogging?

13.) Think of something to blog about on my own, or browse Buzzfeed until I find something I wish I would've written...and then write it.

Thanks Buzzfeed for this gem of a post.

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  1. HAHA I am the same with tupperware and now my mom sells it so I am should throw it away and buy more!

  2. I'm totally with you on the saturdays and tupperware thing. I always talk about all of the things I need to get done around the house when the weekend arrives and there is a 98% chance it won't happen.

  3. 1,4,10,and 11 are the stories of my life.

  4. "should i add a smiley face to this work email" i ASK THAT EVERY DAY!!! haha.
    Girl yes...this list is just...perfect!

  5. I am SO bad at watching The Real Housewives shows instead of cleaning!! And I also contemplate the whole smiley face thing. I want people to know what I'm say is nice. :)

  6. hahaha i love this. i think if i wrote this post it would be exactly the same. probably.

  7. Oh my jebus! I'm pretty sure you just might be my long lost twin considering every single one of those describes my life in strugglesville daily!



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