Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Thoughts in no Particular Order

So, work has been really busy these last few weeks. Like really really busy, but today we got out basically on time so I came home, took off my work clothes, poured a glass of wine and suddenly I was in a writing mood. So here I am, already slightly buzzed here to talk about nothing in particular. Ergo de facto - this one might be boring but yolo right?

You know what I've been thinking about lately? I really feel like the battle between good and evil lies on the 60 freeway when the far right lanes merge. Those who stay the course are good. Those who ride in the lane that they know ends just so they can get ahead of everyone and cut people off are evil. It sounds harsh but I'm just gonna keep it real with you right now. Some tough love is in order OK? Because as I sit in my lane, minding my business, waiting my turn being a good and courteous and vigilant driver, and I watch cars whiz by me to my right I get a little upset. Those cars represent what's wrong in the world. Those cars, if they went to Hogwarts would probably be sorted into Slytherin. Those cars probably killed Mufasa. Those cars are probably vegan and hate bacon. The bottom line is yes, it probably hurts to hear this and yes, it's probably wrong of me to judge so hard but really, I just don't like your style. Wait your turn like everyone else on this freeway mmk? "We've all got light and dark inside of us; what matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are." -Sirius Black, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - because it seems appropriate right now.

On a happier, less judgy note, do you wanna know what my favorite songs are right now? Probably not but I'm about to tell you anyway. In no particular order (except the first one, the first one is first cause it's my fav right now)
1.) "Lights Shine Bright" -Toby Mac
2.) "Thunder" -Imagine Dragons
3.) "Bleachers" -Jillian Jacqueline
4.) "I Could Use a Love Song" -Maren Morris
5.) "In the Blood" -John Mayer
6.) "Old Church Choir" -Zach Williams
7.) "You Look Good" -Lady Antebellum
I'll stop there cause 7 is my favorite number...irrelevant to this blog post but nonetheless, a fun fact.

So Aaron Judge is an outfielder for the Yankees and he's six foot seven inches tall. Did you know that? If not, that really surprises me because I feel like you can't read news or watch baseball without being reminded that he's 6 ft 7. It kind of reminds me of when Brock Osweiler was at ASU and you couldn't watch a football game without someone mentioning that he's 6 ft 8. My dad and I used to text back and forth during games and count how many times someone said "6 ft 8." In hindsight that would've made a good drinking game.

In other news, we have a cricket problem at our house right now. Like, we're cohabitating with them, basically. And it's a problem because I'm killing at least like, three a day. I feel like that's a lot but maybe I'm being dramatic I dunno. I've strategically placed shoes in various spots around the house so that I'm always ready to kick some cricket ass. I'm like a cricket slayer you guys. So we sprayed our house over the weekend and while I look forward to relinquishing the duties that come with being a cricket slayer (i.e. squishing them), I'm definitely keeping the title. Cause anything with "slayer" in it kind of makes me feel bad ass. Ironically though, I think the word "slay" is overused and needs to be retired. Like if I hear one more "yaaas girl SLAY!!" I might lose my shit. But not the "yaaaaas" part I still say "yassss" all the time. Usually via text. When I get really excited about something. Like when my mom changes her bitmoji outfit and now our bitmojis have matching outfits, for example.

So can I just say that this is my absolute favorite meme right now:
I use it all the time at work - mostly because Nate doesn't think it's funny - but my coworkers and I say it for everything. When someone schedules a meeting to talk about meetings - y tho? When you just sat through an hour long meeting that could've been an email - y tho? When your laptop won't last longer than an hour when it's not plugged in - y tho? When all the conference rooms are booked - y tho? When you're in email jail - y tho?

So anyway, I've rambled on for far too long now - if you've made it this far - y tho? I'm kidding that was a joke but I couldn't help it. What I meant to say was, if you've made it this far - congratulations because I'm very aware this post was boring and all over the place but hey, "happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." -Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. That doesn't really apply here but since we started off with a Harry Potter quote I figured we'd end with one.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

My AC Went Out Twice in One Week, and Other June Things

Before I write a new blog post I usually go back and read my last blog post just to like, I dunno, get myself in the blogging mood but when I looked at my last blog post tonight I realized it was on May 22nd which means I've gone over a month without blogging. Oops didn't mean to do that. That was also a really long run on sentence so oops didn't mean to do that either.

So this is def gonna be a catch-up post but you know what, I'm not gonna feel bad about it cause, 1.) I haven't done one in a really long time, and 2.) I read another bloggers' "life lately" post the other day and it reminded me of blog world circa 2013 and I kind of miss those days when bloggers actually wrote about their lives and not just surface-y sponsored posts or tips on how to get the most likes on your instagram; and so it kind of inspired me to do my own life lately post. ...This was also a really long run-on sentence, I'm not off to a good grammatical start today.

So I think the first official day of summer on the calendar is like June 21st or something like that, but in Arizona we all know that summer starts in like, late April. We cruised along with a pretty temperate May and then, I dunno about anyone else but June kicked my ass. Like, I know it's hot here and we prepare for that every year but like, June was really REALLY hot and it just kind of felt like we were under siege for the last month. Like, we were under attack from Zelda the Fighting God of Heat and Sun and Fire and Hot Things.
My AC went out in my house twice in one week - once actually, was on a day when I was working from home because the AC went out at my work. If that doesn't make you want to crawl into a hole and not come out until November, I dunno what will.

The only remedy for four weeks straight of 110-120 degree heat is the pool. So that's where I've spent a lot of my time so far this summer, per the usual.
We've also been up north a few times so far - once for a quick day trip over Memorial Day Weekend, and once for a camping trip with my parents. Both were equal parts fun - one was definitely hotter than the other as we found ourselves moving our chairs and coolers chasing the shade as the sun moved. The dogs however, didn't take much notice of any heat during the former - we took them up to Blue Ridge Reservoir for an afternoon and didn't actually plan on having them get wet but as soon as the leashes came off they made a beeline for the water and it was all over.
Maycee was the former 4-year-old version of herself and would not. stop. fetching. sticks.
Small sticks, jagged sticks, skinny sticks, sticks so big she could barely hold her head up - Maycee doesn't discriminate when it comes to sticks...
...and if you don't throw it back in the water quickly homegirl will cut. you. 
We took the long way home and what was only a one-day trip, started to feel like two. I love it when that happens.

Our camp trip was actually two days and we still jam packed it with as much kayaking, corn hole, fishing, and napping as we could.

The moral of the story this weekend was 1). No one can beat my mom at corn hole, 2.) Even in northern Arizona you still can't escape the heat that was the month of June, and 3.) Spray sunscreen is ineffective when applying in wind and you'll end up with patches of sunburn on your legs and they'll peel approximately two weeks later. Patches of your legs will peel. It'll look real good, I promise.

Nate's birthday came and went - as per the usual during the month of June. Except this birthday probably wasn't the best one because it was actually the second time our AC went out. So he spent his day sleeping (that night shift tho...), then waking up to a 90 degree house. Then climbing on the roof in 115 degree heat to fix the AC. That's a rough birthday if you ask me. But we celebrated later that weekend by catching a bunch of striper fish (s t r i p e r, not stripper get it right) at Lake Pleasant.
I just want the record to show that I caught the first three fish before anyone else did. That never happens. So while Nate still beat me and hauled in 16 and I caught 9, I still caught the first three so there.

I also went on a horseback ride with my mom and my sister because riding horses is my mom's new favorite thing. But the problem is that horses are not my favorite thing and in fact, scare me. But I agreed to go ride a horse because she promised me breakfast and mimosas afterward and you can't just say no to breakfast and mimosas.
Sunsets, and happy hours, and smoothie bowls about round out the last of June...

...and July is already off to a good start because what is summer without walking to a baseball game in 110 degree heat??
...yolo, worth it for a fireworks show. And a Dbacks win. And apple pie nachos.

Let's do this, July!

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