Monday, August 25, 2014

There's an Excuse for That

So it's Monday night and I should be blogging about my weekend. If you wanna get down to the nitty gritty I should've been blogging about my weekend on Sunday night but if there's anything I'm learning in my adult life it's that there's two things that surely will not get done on Sundays: a blog post and grocery shopping. So anyway, as I mentioned, I should be telling you about what I did over the weekend but I'm just not in the mood to go through all my pictures and piece together a whole blog post. So the next best thing is a list. And the next best thing after that is a list of all the excuses I make up for not blogging. 
Why didn't I think of this post sooner?

25 Excuses I Make for Not Blogging

I'm not in the mood

There's too many pictures to sort through

It's 9pm and Big Bang Theory is on

It's Monday and I need to grocery shop cause I didn't do it Sunday

I'm tired

I have a hang nail and it hurts to type

The batteries in my mouse died and I don't know where to find new ones

Too much wine

I don't have any good ideas

Not enough wine

Gunther needs me to snuggle with him

Nate is gone and this is the only time I can watch Real Housewives of anywhere without judgement

This sounds stupid

It's Shark Week

I'm eating Chips and it's too much work to dust the salt off my fingers every time, before I put them back on my keyboard

I'm stuck on YouTube

I'm stuck on Instagram

The computer screen is hurting my eyes

Nate is snoring and I can't focus

I don't feel like it

I lost the "Note" in my phone with all my ideas on it

Book club is this week and I need to read

This sounded better in my head

Cops is on and I want to see where this guy hid the drugs

It's taking too long to finish this post

...and the list goes on. What excuses do you make to get out of blogging?

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's Been Too Long Since I've Blogged and I'm Starting With Kinder Creek

Hi guys. It's me, Carissa. I'm a little embarrassed to even show up here considering it's been like, almost a month since I've filled this blank white space with any type of words or pictures. Oops. In my defense I did try to sit down on a few occasions and blog, but then I got distracted with different things and just never put the virtual pen to paper. Videos of people on YouTube teaching their birds to say bad words can really take up a lot of your time if you're not careful.

So needless to say there's a lot to catch up on around here. I'm gonna start with last weekend cause that requires the least amount of mental exercise in remembering what's been going down since the last time I posted.

Last weekend Nate and I went hiking to my most favorite place ever: Kinder Creek. We go every summer and this is my fourth time taking the quick, yet most scenic trip down the mountain (see herehere, and here). Every year we go I hesitate to blog about it cause really, I don't want other people knowing my most favorite spot ever. Cause then other people go to it. And I don't like other people. Kidding of course. Sort of. Anyway, I think my secret's out of the bag though cause Nate said when you Google Kinder Creek it's all pictures from my blog. Oops.

Our first stop after the hike down hill is this neat beach-y area right at the bottom. The water is always super cold but I make myself go in anyway cause I dunno, I just feel like that's what you should do when you're hiking and it's summer time.

After we (and when I say "we" I really mean just me) finished swimming we crossed to the other side of the creek and moved on to the next spot.
I'm trying to get this panorama thing down and I don't think I'm quite there yet. Is it Panorama or Panoramic? Either way, my hands aren't steady enough to get a good shot. But despite the lack of panoramic quality you can't really get around the fact that this place is gorgeous right??
Too many pics? Sorry. I have this thing where I take a million pictures (not literally a million, but almost) and sorting through them takes too long so I've started just including all of them. More scrolling for you, but less pre-post work for me. Pre-post...I can see how that could be confusing now that I typed it out. I mean like, before I write the post - pre-post. You get it right? Anyway, I'm way off track. So like I said before, hiking and summer time calls for swim time too.
It's also important to note that there's TONS (like, tons I'm not even being dramatic) of crawdads in this creek and after watching Shark Week all week there was a little part of me wondering if there was like, a Megalodon crawdad down in there somewhere ready to pinch my leg off. Or like, a Submarine crawdad. Good news though, none of my limbs got pinched off. So if he's out there, the Megalodon/Submarine (Megamarine?) crawdad, he spared my life this time.

Eventually it was time for the hike back up the mountain. Which totally sucks for two reasons:
1.) It's time to leave Kinder Creek
2.) It's up hill
3.) It's really steep in a few sections
That was more than two reasons...which actually just goes to show how much leaving this place sucks.

So instead of making our way home we decided to take a drive.

And we drove to the other end of the creek. And we played in it.
And then we drove home. But not before eating mexican food. Cause how do you refuel after a long day of hiking if not for refried beans and cheese??

So anyway, hopefully I can get this here blog caught up with all the happenings that've been, well, happening. And hopefully it won't take me another month to do so. Hopefully.

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