Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Hap Chap

Hi. I'm here to write about what's been happening lately. Or, as my mom sometimes says when she texts me, "what's the hap chap?!" So, I'm here to tell you the "hap;" cause it's been two weeks since I've showed up around these parts. Not that there's been a lot going on. In fact, the rest of this post will probably be a little boring...cause my life is a little boring. But I like my life so it's ok, you don't have to feel bad for me.

One of the less-boring...scratch that, one of the fun things that happened last weekend included a day trip to the lake for some fishing. You might not actually call it a "day" trip cause we weren't really out there all day since we ended up getting rained out. But we were there until like, the afternoon which is more than 50% of the day so we can round up and call it a day trip right? Either way, what I'm trying to say was fun.
We spent a good chunk of the morning (I'm being dramatic, it was probably more like 30 minutes) fishing for not fish, but for Nate's bait that got snagged and stuck under a rock. Why do you spend 30 minutes trying to retrieve your bait that got snagged under a rock?? Cause it was $17, that's why. You can't just leave $17 sitting underneath a rock in the middle of Canyon Lake.
He got it un-stuck though, so don't worry. Cause he's Nate and he figures everything out.
We took a break from fishing and cruised around the Lake for a little bit, which leads us to the next segment of this blog post:
 Let's play, how many Bighorn Sheep can you spot in the following photo:
The answer is three. And you can't see them here, but in total we spotted nine Bighorn Sheep - two herds and one loner. Just hanging out, scaling the side of the canyon, like the Bighorn Sheep they are.

Next game: how many waterfalls can you spot in the following photo:
The answer is three. There's three waterfalls. Oh Arizona, you are magnificent and I love you so much.

Per the usual, I wanted to get a picture with Nate to document the day's events. I'm like, "Nate come take a picture with me." And he's like, "I'm fishing." So then I was like, "yeah I know, but come take picture anyway." And then he said, "I take fishing seriously, Carissa.
I didn't say it but I wanted to be like, yeah and I take picture-taking seriously, Nathan, so put the pole down for just a minute and come stand next to me puh-lease. Although, that's the usual battle that ensues when I want to take a picture. For example:

Switching gears slightly, wanna know what my new favorite thing is? It's this:
Smirnoff light flavored vodka and sparkling water. This is probably nothing new to everyone else, but since I hardly ever venture out of the wine aisle, this is new to me. I tried it for the first time with my girlfriends before we headed out to the Eric Church concert two weeks ago, and now it's my go-to. I mean, nothing can replace wine (duh) but I'm pretty sure this has less calories than a glass of Pinot. And that's what I need these days - less calories. Although they never put nutrition facts on bottles of alcohol so what do I know. Anyway, try it. It's tasty.

You know what else is tasty? Fried mac and cheese balls. I ate them Superbowl Sunday. I wasn't by any stretch of the imagination, invested in the Superbowl this year, but I told my mom hey, if you wanna make a bunch of food and have us over and call it a Superbowl party, I'll come and eat all your food. And that's what we did. We ate homemade fried mac and cheese balls, fajitas, and all sorts of chips and dips and drinks and things. We even brought the Cornhole inside and got in a game or two.
I showed up ready and reppin' my team:
Wait hold on, there's no baseball in the Superbowl?? Damnit.

Anyway, I'll leave you with this picture of Gunther, cause he's so desperate for attention as as though he doesn't get enough...
Hi it's me. It's Gunther. Don't forget I'm right here. It's Gunther, just a reminder. I'm here and I love you and please pay attention to me. It's Gunther.

Happy Monday friends!

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