Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer '16

So it's been a while since I've caught up this 'ol blog with the happenings around here. I checked in a couple times a couple weeks ago (A for effort right?) but sort of just rambled on without a purpose (although if we're being honest, rambling on without a purpose is kind of the story of my life) so I'm thinking maybe we'll do a quick summer catch-up post so we can get up to speed shall we?

This summer has been busy, and full, and fun, and full of fun things. Nate was in the Academy last summer so we didn't really get to do much of anything because his weekends were consumed with studying, ironing uniforms, and...studying. And for those of you asking no, I don't iron things for him because I suck at ironing (and also 'cause he's a big boy and can iron things himself)....and mostly everything else that revolves around being domestic/a good wife. So this year, we've tried our hardest to get out and about as much as possible!

The summer kicked off with my best friend's wedding. My best friend Charlene got married and it was everything I ever would've imagined her wedding to be - perfect, beautiful, creative, unique, beautiful, and perfect and beautiful. ...And also hot because the first weekend of June got hit with like, a weird and random 117 degree heat wave and everything was outside so we all sweated our asses off. But hey, we all sweated our asses off together in the name of Charlene and Colin and that's all that matters right?!
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Charlene was my Maid of Honor for my wedding and I was honored enough to return the favor for her! If there were ever a MOH dream team it'd be Sarah and I - respective Maid and Matron of Honors reporting for duty.
I don't wanna brag or anything but I'm pretty sure we sort of knocked the whole MOH thing out of the park. 
We held her train as she walked, we made speeches, and we even shoo'd the gnats out from under her dress as we took pictures in the grass (fact: gnats will fly up under the layers of your wedding dress as you walk through thick grass and you won't be able to anticipate this to be a thing because who would guess gnats would get all up under the tool of your wedding dress right??).
The whole day was so full of love and celebration and a good time was had by all....particularly Charlene and Colin 'cause they were the ones who got married and stuff you know. 

After the day we had been planning for five months finally came and went it was time for some relaxation. All wedding festivities had concluded so Nate took me out to Lake Pleasant for my first try at striper fishing. That's STRIPER not, stripper. Don't get it twisted.
Nate's like, "Be careful they have spines" and what do you think I said all night long as I un-hooked the five stripers I caught? "Owww" "UGH, ow!" "Oh geez spines!" "Freakin' A!"...He wasn't lying.
We ended up getting blown off the lake at around midnight 'cause it started to storm, but with five Stripers under my belt and Nate with about 10, we were ok with calling it a night. 

Nate also turned 30 this summer. THIRTY. Where is the time going?! Nowhere really, see:...Same Nate,
...bigger fish.
Same Nate,
...better gun, probably.
We celebrated Nate's 30th by camping the weekend away at Knoll Lake. We fished, and we camped, and we got rained on but kept camping, and then fished some more and celebrated Nathan turning 30. 
 I think it's safe to say a good time was had by all. 
It's So crazy to think we're getting to be in our thirties but I still think of us as teenagers. It simultaneously feels like forever ago was just yesterday. ...that probably doesn't make sense but I'm drinking wine as I write this sooooo.....

The fourth of July came and went this year. We spent it with our dear friends the Haro's, as we have in year's past...see here and here...Except this time our quad has turned into...whatever you call a quad plus one because Abel and Tyah had a baby and now she's part of the crew.
Again, it's so weird to think that my friends are all having babies and making families and stuff...high school seems like forever ago yet, just yesterday
 ...and I'm still bringing my dogs to things...
...Dogs are people too okay.

We also camped with my family this year, since we didn't get to last year because Nate was in the Academy trying to be a police officer and stuff (see above).
We all brought our 'yaks, yak'd it up, played cards, hung out, and you know - camp'd and stuff.

I sometimes get jealous because I care about pictures and Nate doesn't, so I always get cool pictures of Nate cause I'm the one with the camera, but he never gets cool pictures of me so this time I was like, "Nate I'm gonna give you my phone will you please take pictures of me in my 'yak?" And then he looks at me crazy but does it anyway cause he loves me. ...I think. 
Tip: get out on the water early. Like, before 8am early and it will be quiet and you can enjoy yourself before the crowd hits. 
It's unfortunate that Woods Canyon gets so busy, because it's one of my favorite places to go, but so long as you get out early, it's not too too bad. 
We enjoyed the morning at Woods, went back to camp, napped, played cards, ate snacks, took a nap, and then Nate and I decided to go out for a sunset paddle; we went up a little ways to Willow Springs.

I like going at sunset because most everyone is leaving and you'll usually have the place to yourself...and you also get the awesome sunset.
All good things come to an end, and unfortunately this camping trip was not exempt. We packed up and headed home as the weekend came to a close.

The rest of this summer has been filled with baseball games (collecting new bobble heads and crashing Dodger Stadium one game at a time),
Birthdays - Charlene and Brianna's, to be exact,
More fishing,
Hammock life is life.
Crawdad fishing,
Subsequent Crawdad eating,
Slip n' sliding,
Drinking....typically whilst swimming and/or slip n' sliding,
and other fun summer activities for example, scorpion hunting on a Friday night:
...You know you're from Arizona when...

Anyway, the point is, it's been a good summer so far and while the technical calendar summer is over next weekend, we all know here in Arizona we have another month or two (or three) until it really starts to cool down. Until then, we'll fit in as much more as we can until the roads close and the cool weather rolls in!

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