Monday, September 2, 2013

6 Things You Should Know, Plus a Few More

Some of you may have noticed this "6 Things You Should Know" post going around blogland. Thanks to my new bloggy friend Savannah over at Arizona Sunshine, I'm happy to report I've been tagged. 

I'm not gonna lie, it makes me feel like a cool kid when I get tagged for the latest blog trends.

Also, my good bloggy friend Lauren from Letters and Lipstick also tagged me in a series of get-to-know-you Q and A's. And since she said, and I quote, " girls better answer them. Please." I figured I better oblige. 
I'd hate to see Lauren get all cray up in hurr.

6 Things You Should Know...

1.) What is the story behind your blog name?
Easy - my last name starts with a T. Ergo de facto...T is for Townsend.

2.) What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?
Pick your battles.
I've heard this piece of advice, in particular, go out to parents...I'm no parent but I'm finding it especially helpful with husbands too.

3.) Why do you blog?
Easy - for the text I get from my mom that says, "LOVE your blog!" after a good post.
Just kidding.
Kind of.
But really, umm, it's a creative outlet? It gives me an excuse for the obscene amount of pictures I take on a regular basis? "It's for the blog, you can't be mad at me..."
It's an awesome tool for memory-keeping? It's cheaper than scrapbooking?

4.) What is one thing you love about yourself?
My height. Sort of. I'm 5 ft. nothing.
I hate it when I can't reach the dishware in my own kitchen cabinets without climbing on the counters, BUT I can get pretty comfy in most any situation. My specialties are road trips and planes. I can fold up and go to sleep a lot easier than the 6 ft. tall dude sitting next to me.
Also, backseat passengers love me as I don't require a lot of leg room in the front seat. 

5.) What is the naughtiest thing you've ever done?
Probably nothing. I pretty much walk the straight and narrow on a regular basis. 
And I'm totally cool with that, by the way...even if you're judging me right now.
I got so drunk I threw up at my bachelorette party. Does that count? 
...It was the first and the last time I ever did that.
A couple girlfriends and I stole the portable heater in the girls bathroom and put it in our cabin at church camp one year. How about that?
Oooh, my mom and I drove around the round-about twice today. WITH a car waiting on us.
Provocative. I know.

6.) What is your favorite song and why?
Who can really pick a favorite song. A SONG. One. Singular. It's impossible. So I'm gonna list a few...cause I'm rebellious like that. Maybe that should've gone in my #5?

Ooh Child - The Five Stairsteps 
Don't ask me why. All I know is that my mom used to listen to the oldies radio station when I was a kid and I just loved this song. Still do. 

Jesus Paid it All - Kristian Stanfill 
Cause I love Jesus and I love to worship him. 
"Oh praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead."

Tim McGraw - All We Ever Find
Cause Nate told me he listened to it every night before he went to bed while he was in Iraq. Cause the words were really real for those 15 months.
And then it was the last song we danced to at our wedding.

Justin Moore - Bait a Hook
Cause I have a bit of a superiority complex and I really feel like my husband is better than your husband. He can bait a hook, and skin a buck, and a bunch of other manly things.

Lauren's Q and A

1.) If you could be paid to do your hobby what would you do?

2.) Favorite Disney Princess?
That's tricky, cause I like Ariel cause she gets to swim around all day unda da sea, but I also like Belle's really pretty yellow ball gown, and Sleeping Beauty gets some killer naps I'm pretty jealous of.

3.) If you could have any superpower what would it be?
That's a loaded question if I ever heard one.
Maybe to be able to wish for any superpower at any point in time and have it be granted to me?

4.) What kind of car do you drive?
Hyundai Tucson. Just got it this summer!

5.) City or country?
Country...probably. I think. As long as there's a Target.

6.) What do you drink at Sonic?
A Route 44 Diet Coke with regular cherry flavor and easy ice please.

7.) What is your favorite clothing item?
Umm..?? Undies? You kind of have to have them right? Actually, I guess that can be open to interpretation for some people. Whoa TMI.
Can I change my answer?

8.) What is your favorite sport to watch?
Baseball. Basketball. Football. And Gymnastics.
And curling.
Just kidding. Curling's not a sport. Nobody watches curling.

I'm tagging TyahKayla, and Ashley
All real-life friends and blog-life friends.
I always love a good two-fer.

Your questions are:

1.) How much do you love Carissa Townsend?
Just kidding. That's totally not your question. But I'm funny right?!

For reals: 
1.) What made you want to start blogging?
2.) If you had to go back and re-name your dog based on their personality, what would it be?
3.) Favorite TV show?
4.) If you were stuck on a deserted island for a bunch of years, a la Castaway, and you could bring three items, what would you bring? (I know, it's a oldie but a goodie)
5.) Most embarrassing moment?
6.) If Expedia offered you a trip, but you had to leave tomorrow (as advertised), would you do it? And where would you pick to go?  

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  1. Your only 5ft? I am taller than like 3 inches but still??? Also I bought some pink camo this weekend and there was a ton of deer in the yard all weekend..made me think of you!

  2. 5 foot nothing?? Oh girl, I am your gentle giant of a friend ;)
    Jesus Paid It All is one of my favorite hymns.
    Country all the way!

  3. aww i love your answers!

    and you, i love carissa.



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