Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crash Adams

Guys, I have to share something with you that happened weeks ago that I never blogged about because, quite frankly, I was still getting over it.

I got into a car accident and it was my fault. 
There. I said it.

No one was hurt, fortunately, and in fact, after learning that the other guy was driving on a suspended license and had no car insurance I felt less bad.
But either way, it was the first car accident I'd ever been involved in so the whole thing was so freakin' traumatic for me.

I was crying at shaking at the scene, where the cops probably thought I was a crazy lady, as I kept handing them my license and registration, "here's this. Do you need this? How about now, do you need these yet?"
I didn't really know what else to do. It was the first thing I could think of.

They probably thought I was even more ridiculous when they asked me where I was headed, and I looked away and mumbled, "the Backstreet Boys concert."
Yep. On the way to the Backstreet Boys concert this happened:
Did you think I was going to let a car accident keep me from Brian Littrel?
The police officer was like, "Yeah I'm working that event, so I may see you down there!"
Oh. Cool.

After an entire night, during the concert, of trying to forget about that-which-shall-not-be-named (ahem, the accident), I couldn't help but cry all the next morning at work; I finally asked to go home, then went home and cried some more. Nate tried to make jokes about it and give me a hard time, 
but I shut that down real quick.
Too soon.

BUT, now that my car is almost done being fixed (I've been car-less for over 3 weeks now) and I've taken the online driving school class for my ticket, I think I'm finally over it and ready to put all of this behind me. Even though I try not to think about that-which-shall-not-be-named, I can't help but reflect a little on the whole experience. 
In doing so,  I've come to a realization - the accident really wasn't my fault.

It was my alter-ego: Crash Adams
(You can thank my husband for that name. Crash cause, well, I crashed, and I was on Adams street when it happened)
...Kinda like Beyonce's Sasha Fierce, except way less glamourous and little more wreckless.

In all the 11 years I've been driving, I've never once been in an accident. 
I'm a careful, cautious driver. I've never applied mascara, deoderant, or tried to shave my legs while operating a motor vehicle; it's just not in me;
so I figured it had to be something else that caused the accident.
Someone else.
Enter my alter ego, Crash Adams.

Crash Adams is a bold, brazen driver.
She thinks she can successfully cross six lanes of traffic in rush hour, in Downtown Phoenix, with nothing but a stop sign directing traffic.
Traffic lights? Who needs 'em when you have the guts and glory of Ms. Adams?

Crash Adams only looks left, then right, and omits the "left again"...what a waste of time.

Crash boldly tests the durability and safety of the Hyundai its manufacturers so boldly claim.
Two points for Hyundai. We didn't die.

She even leaves the scene of the crime with her emergency brake unknowingly activated and drives four blocks with the car ferociously dinging in her ear and it doesn't even phase her.  

Ms. Adams could care less about the thought of a traffic citation - in fact, she welcomes it; her driving record is so spotless, she can take Defensive Driving School and it's like it never happened.

See? Blame it on Crash. It's all her fault.
She makes me do bad things. What a B.

Hopefully we can go another 11 years without Crash Adams rearing her ugly head.
And trust me, it's ugly. Just look at the above pictures (sad face)

 photo townsend-sig_zpsd6f7a124.jpg


  1. I am SO sorry! I can't believe you had to admit that you were on your way to BSB! Let's hope crash stays away any other time a boy band comes to town.

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  3. I'm just glad you are ok. And I know Brian sang a few songs just for you!! Crash Adams sounds like a wild girl ;0)

  4. hahaha. I'm so sorry that you got in a wreck, but I love that you are able to joke about it now. I've never wrecked or gotten a ticket (knock on wood), but Jake has had enough tickets for the both of us, so I kinda understand!

  5. Oh my goodness! I have never been in an accident either and probs would act the same way! So glad you are ok love:)

  6. Ahh! So scary!! I have never been in an accident before (knock on wood!!!) but I think I would react exactly like you did. I don't blame you! I'm glad you're okay! :o)

  7. "what a b" hahahah
    In all seriousness i'm so glad y'all were ok...AND That you didn't let it ruin your backstreetboys night! :) :) :)
    I was in an accident a few years ago that was totally my fault, totaled my car and everything. It SUCKED. BUT you learn from it - and if anything, we learn we have alter egos that desire the thrill of a good crash haha

  8. I'm so sorry that you got into accident. I'm glad it didn't ruin your BSB night! I love them too! :)

  9. so sorry about your accident!! I am glad you are ok little boo

  10. Regardless of where you are heading and how important it is, always keep your focus on the road. Be thankful that no one got hurt, and it was just your car that was damaged. Anyway, were you able to watch the Backstreet Boys concert? I hope that you did and managed to enjoy it.

    -Cheryl Bush @ Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP

  11. The important thing is that you were not badly hurt during the incident. It’s just sad that it occurred while you were on your way to witness a wonderful and fun event. Anyway, just be careful when you’re on the road. If you think you have to enroll in a defensive driving class, go for it. It can be very helpful, since you can learn important things, like how you can handle situations like that.

    Steven Keltsch @ Allied Insurance

  12. That was really bad! I can imagine your horror as the collision happened. Thankfully, both of you came out safe from any serious injury and harm. Anyway, how are you now? I hope it didn’t happen again, and that it did not affect your well-being when behind the wheel. Take care!

    Jerry Brady @ Lambert and Williams



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