Friday, November 18, 2011


Today, we celebrate the life death of lane 2.

You see, our second lane in drive-through at the pharmacy broke down, and instead of repairing it, corporate decided to simply do away with it. 
I, for one, was not obliged.
(...and by 'not obliged' I mean my coworker and I may or may not have done a happy dance)

This is all that remains of our beloved lane 2
...moment of silence please...

I will not miss the incessant ringing of the bell, even though the person can clearly see me in the window helping lane 1.
I will not miss the people who pull into lane 2 to pick up their 100 prescriptions that can only be sent out 2 at a time in the tube (back and forth and back and forth).
I will not miss the people who leave their credit card in the tube and later call back angry like I'm the one that made them forget their own credit card. 
I will not miss the people who pull into lane 2 knowing they're picking up their big box of albuterol or syringes and get angry with me when I tell them it won't fit in the tube.
And I most certainly will not miss grown adults yelling at me: "I WAS HERE FIRST!!!"

Yeah, I was really bummed about lane 2 being taken away from us.

Rest in peace Burn in hell lane 2
(Geez Rissa, a little harsh maybe?...Nah)

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