Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vocabulary 101

Mean Muggin'


Definition of Mean Muggin'

a (1) : The act of giving a dirty look
b (2) : A stare down
c (3) : The stink-eye

Intended to nonverbally convey displeasure and dissatisfaction with one's pharmacy staff.

Mean Muggin'-Verb
Mean Mug-Noun

Looks like:
     -Rolling/squinting of the eyes
     -Tapping of the foot
     -Checking one's watch
     -Clearing of one's throat
     -Any combination of above-mentioned

Examples of Mean Muggin'
(1) Waiting room full of patients at 5pm who won't sit down, but rather, hover over pharmacy counter: " mine done yet?"

(2) 8 patients waiting in pick-up line stare down technician as he/she returns from lunch break as if to say "Finally! Get your butt behind the counter and hurry up; don't you know this world revolves around ME?"

(3) Patient drops off prescription and asks how long the wait is. Technician replies with "15 to 20 minutes." "(Insert mean mug here) Ugh, I can't wait that long. I'll come back tomorrow."

Origin of Mean Muggin'
Those patients who sit in the waiting room and shoot dirty looks to pharmacy staff as if to say they're not moving fast enough. Mean Muggers.

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