Monday, October 31, 2011


It's what's for dinner....
Cause Nate done got himself another Coues Whitetail!

The week before he was supposed to leave on his hunt we got to talking one day about how tired we were. Nate goes,

"I dunno if it's the anticipation of this hunt, but I can't sleep lately...I keep dreaming about big deer."

If I wouldn't have known better I would've mistaken him for a 5 year old counting down the days 'til Christmas.
 Anyway, his hard work and preparation certainly paid off when he got his hands...or rather, his bullet...on this guy!

So, needless to say, we'll have another animal head mounted on the wall soon. I guess it's a good thing, 
Bucky mentioned the other day he was getting lonely up there on the wall all by himself. Now he can have someone to talk to, er, stare at. I told Nate I wanted to give him a name, just like Bucky. Turns out he came up with one before he even got home: Wide Erp; Cause his antlers swing really wide. ...Get it? Like, Wyatt Erp? The movie? Yeah, I know, I suggested I re-name him, cause I feel like "Wide Erp" is hard to say real fast and people might not get the play on words; but Nate said too bad, he likes it and the name's already stuck, and shut me down real quick. I mean, Nate found the deer, shot it at 600 yards, skinned and gutted it all by himself, and hiked it 5 miles out of the canyon...shouldn't I get to do something too? Like, name it at least? Throw me bone here man...

A prize deer head on the wall for Nathan also means food on the table! Kenny came over and helped Nate butcher it up and lemme tell was quite a sight to see!

We at breakfast burritos this morning with ground venison, and Hamburger Helper tonight with more venison. 

Nate gets 10 extra man points every time he kills something and we eat it for dinner, cause let's be honest here...that's pretty manly.
And my husband? Well...he's pretty BA.


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