Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday Story

One summer, shortly after high school I went to dinner with my best friend Charlene and her parents to celebrate her birthday.
After dinner we went back to her house and planned to go swimming. It started to monsoon so we opted to sit on her front patio instead and watch the rain.
After watching the rain for a little we decided we would rather play in it.
So we went out into the street and began frolicking in the thunderstorm. 
We ran up and down the street and screamed every time it thundered.
We waved at the 6 year olds watching us from their bedroom window in the house across the street... We were like, "neener neener neener we get to play in the rain and you don't cause you're little kids and we're cool high school graduates!" 
We acknowledged (albeit, disregarded) her dad's invitations to come inside in order to avoid getting struck by lightening.
We laid down in the middle of the street and watched the rain drops fall down from the sky and talked about how laying in dirty street water might give us a venereal infection.
But it didn't. So it's all good.

The end.

Happy Birthday Pookie!
I LOVE you!!

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  1. Hahahah! Hilarious :) how fun to lay in the street! I love that :)



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