Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Name That Tune

I have this thing lately, where I like to sing songs to my friends using emojis.
I think it's really fun, and it makes me laugh.
And I'm always down for things that make me laugh.

So last week I decided to serenade my dear friend Mckenzie.
I was in no mood to work that day, and we were meeting up for happy hour that night. So instead of trying to be productive at the office, I just text messaged her all day long about nothing really important.

...I know, employee of the month right hurr. 

And then I thought to myself, "Mckenzie needs a song."
So I sent her one.

And then she sent me the next line to the same song.
And I was like, 
"Oh snap. She sings back."
Can you name these tunes? Think FGL

So after a little Florida Georgia Line (winner winner!), I decided to switch it up a bit.
And then my mind was officially blown.
She's good.
Can you name this tune? Think Blake Shelton

AND THEN my bff Charlene sent me this doozy last weekend.
Can you name this tune? Think Josh Gracin

I won't lie, I feel like I'm gonna need to step up my game with these ladies.


  1. O.M.G. I would be a epic fail at that...I do not even know how to do those lil things.

  2. Haha! I just spent way too much time trying to decode all of these and figure them out! SO fun! :o)

  3. Ummm can we do this??
    Because that is hilarious and I'm always looking for ways to waste my time at work :D

  4. I must admit... I've fallin' behind in reading your blog. BUT I am catching up on all the good stuff I missed...and I feel EXTREMLY honored to have been mentioned in this post! So honored that I think I will sing to you now....! :)



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