Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Really Fun Weekend

I love it when I have a good weekend.
This weekend was one of those weekends.

When I sat down to write this post, I told myself, "See how many times you can say the word 'weekend' in your opening sentences." 

Just kidding. 
I didn't say that.
But that was a lot of "weekends" in a just couple sentences, no? 

Saturday the hubs and I were tasked with finding a cool new, super duper camp spot for our family camping trip next weekend.
It worked out nicely since my dad and almost brother-in-law were painting my parents' pool deck, which meant the pool was closed for business on Saturday.
So when it's 108 degrees and you can't swim in the pool, what do you do?

You leave.

And you drive a couple hours north where it's 20 degrees cooler and you find a cool new, super duper camp spot for your family camping trip next weekend.

So that's what we did.
After we did our due diligence and found a cool new, super duper camp spot - in addition to three alternative camp spots should camp spot #1 be taken next weekend...we took a fishing break.

Cause it just felt right.

And plus, I had a sweet new pink fishing pole that needed some breaking in.

We didn't catch anything.
It's whatevs though.
Cause as Randy Houser says, I was in a bit of a 
"don't give a damn if they don't bite state of mind...I got sunshine on the line"

Bear Canyon Lake

We fished, and hung around, and Nate showed me some cool spots in the area, until the sun went down, and then we made our way back down to the valley.
And of course, hit up Sonic for 1/2 price milkshakes after 8pm.

Sunday, to my surprise, my dad gave us the go-ahead to hit up the pool.
No dogs allowed though. ...their nails might've tore up the fresh new coat of paint on the deck.
If you ask me, that's pretty discriminatory.
Dogs are people too ok?

The afternoon pretty much looked like this:
For the boys, that is.

For my mom and I, it looked more like this:
Pool time is not complete without a Route 44 Diet Coke with regular cherry flavor and easy ice.
It's just not.

I definitely won't mention how we each had two in one afternoon, cause surely you'd judge us.
Especially considering I've already mentioned Sonic once in this post, you might think I have an unhealthy obsession with Sonic.
I don't, for the record.

Nate and my dad had a rousing game of HORSE going on.

Their shots started looking like this, and then it pretty much unraveled from there...
Believe it or not, they both actually made the dead-man-floating-upside-down-behind-the-back shot.
I know, I was impressed too.

We're in for a long, hot summer.
But if all my weekends go like this weekend, I'll be ok with that.


  1. Love fishing! We do not do it enough! Also..more pool time...I need some of that!

  2. I have never been fishing before and have always wanted to go. It looks so fun! And you cannot beat that scenery!!

  3. Did you mention that you went to Sonic this weekend??? Muahahahaha. Love, your Mother!!!

  4. sounds like a fantastic weekend!! i love fishing. and sonic. definitely sonic! usually if i'm driving and not really paying attention, i end up at sonic. i think i have an unhealthy obsession.

  5. oh my gosh that is a really fun weekend!
    Every single thing you said/picture i saw i kept thinking "i want to go to there" ha.

  6. I'm visiting ASAP so we can go to Bear Canyon Lake.
    I'm a newbie camper, but if I can camp there, I would be the happiest lady alive!



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