Friday, May 31, 2013

May Cara Box Reveal

Cara Box
It's that time...another round of Cara Box reveals!
Check out the idea behind the Cara Box exchange over at Kaitlyn's blog Here
I loved this month's theme of, "where you're from"...or something like that.
The idea was to fill the box with items that your partner likes and enjoys, however, try to incorporate your own hometown into it, so we can all learn more about where we all come from. 
Fun right?!
This month I sent a box to the lovely Ms. Angie - check her out over at My So Called Chaos, and I received my box from the lovely Ms. Hayley - check her out at A Beautiful Exchange
I loved getting to know both of these girls this month!
Angie and I were on the same page as we're both animal lovers, and we're both on the west coast, in fact, she's not too far from me in Utah; and I learned all about North Carolina where Hayley is from! She tells me she has a southern accent...I need to figure out a way to hear it sometime. 
Cause I totally wish I had one. 
Anyway, I loved Hayley's box she sent me! She did amazing with the theme! 
 -Handmade soaps from The Foothills of North Carolina
-A coin purse purchased froma local boutique
-A silver ring made by a local youth artist in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
-A Paddywax tin candle used for aromatherapy, purchased at a local boutique
-"Seeds of Happiness," - leftover lumps of clay made into little smiles (see little green guy in the picture), with the story behind the project. So fun!
Thanks Hayley, for everything! I love all of it!!

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