Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wedding Week Link Up

Since I was tagged by the lovely and talented Tyah Haro to join up in this fabulous wedding week link-up over at http://justatouchofgray.blogspot.com/, I figured I must oblige. Twist my arm Tyah, make me talk about my wedding! =) It actually works out quite nice since this will be the weeks leading up to our 3 (count 'em THREE) year wedding anniversary!

So before all the wedding festivities ensue, the bride and groom to-be usually take some engagement photos, which just so happen to be this weeks wedding week prompt!

Since Nate and I are both Arizona natives and love our home here in AZ, I wanted to choose a place for our photos that showcased the beauty of Arizona in all it's Arizona glory...it's Arizona-ness, if you will.
I ended up choosing the Superstition Mountains after seeing some amazing photos my dad had taken (he's quite the photographer, I must say).

Glenn and Lilet Hamp, the husband and wife team at Light Rain Images were our photographers for our Arizona engagement sesh! 
Looking back, it was the first time Nate and I had ever had pictures professionally taken of us, so I think a combination of that coupled with the fact that Nate hates taking pictures, made for a little bit of awkwardness and a lack of creativity on our part. And plus, I wish I had worn something cuter and maybe curled my hair.
But alas, we certainly got some good ones, and here are a few of my favorites!!

This bad boy was the pic that made it into the invitations! 

And this bad boy is quite possibly my favorite. We had it blown up and displayed at our wedding. And now it hangs on my wall in my house. And whenever I walk by it I say, "Dang, we look good," and keep moving. ...
...totally kidding, I'm SO not that vain, I swear.

However, if every time Nate walked by it and he'd be like, "Dang Rissa looks good," I would totally be OK with that. 
I'm just sayin'
 Is it weird that I totally dig his bald head?...rawr!
And there you have it folks, los engagement photos de Nathan y Carissa.


  1. oooo I love that I have never seen all of these before and they are amazing!!! I seriously LOVE the one where you're sitting in the grass and he's kissing your check!



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