Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Monday

You wanna know something funny?
I couldn't decide if I felt like blogging tonight, and just as I had made up my mind like, "yeah, I'm gonna get bloggy tonight," I accidently stepped on the really pointy heel of one of my shoes and it freakin hurt so bad that I was like, "this is stupid. I don't wanna blog tonight. Cause now I'm pissed. And in pain."

...But then my adult self told my 5 year old self to quit pouting and being a brat just cause you
 got a boo-boo on your foot. 

So alas, here I am. Blogging after all. 

There's an intro if I ever heard one.

So, happy Monday everyone? I realize the general consensus is usually that Monday's are not really happy. But today was totally happy for me...besides the boo-boo on my foot 
we already went over. And that didn't even happen 'til right now, so really it had no effect 
on my Monday.
But I digress.

This Monday was happy for me because it was my first official day on the state payroll.
That's right. 
My first big-girl job is officially official!
...and if you follow me on Instagram (ahem, MissRiss0409) you know this by the fact that I totally have my own name plate outside my cube now:
For those of you that don't know, I've been interning for the State for about the last year - meaning technically I've been employed by a temp agency. So last week the state positions finally opened up...and I got the job!

So I'm pretty pumped I won't be one of those statistics that either:
A.) Is a college grad that can't find a job
B.) Is an adult that never actually works in the field they went to school for.

...And plus, now that my big-girl job is finally secured, hopefully Nate won't be as mad when it comes time to pay those student loans. 

So since my offer letter was a great way to start the weekend, I told Nate a celebratory dinner was in order...and I got to choose the menu.
So we had:
Shrimp and mac n' cheese. 
Oh and wine. You can't really celebrate something without wine.
What can I say...I'm not hard to please.

The rest of the weekend consisted of:
Archery range,


And we had an early bday celebration for my mom, whose birthday is this week. And it looked a little like this:
...So you know, the usual.

Mom got a popcorn maker.
Like, a legit, movie theatre machine popcorn maker. 
Movie nights at her house from now on.

Nate and I also did yard work...but I didn't take pictures of that, nor do you want to see pictures of that, cause I promise you...it wasn't pretty.
It's not all the way done yet, but at least the yard is now livable again. 
Thank the Lord.

I realize I haven't finished posting about our New Mexico anniversary trip.
I'll get there. 
Have you ever taken a whole-freakin-bunch of pictures of the same thing, so each one is basically the same, but some of the quality might be slightly better in some than in others, so it takes a really long time to sort through them and figure out which ones you're gonna use on your blog?
That's where I'm at right now. 
George Strait practically filled my memory card and I've been too lazy to sort through all of them.
...no offense George.

Maybe later this week? Meet you back here? 
Same time, same place.


  1. OMG I had all kinds of amazing things to say but then I saw you and the pooch like singing or something and lost it!

  2. Congratulations on the job!! Woot wooot! ... And that last picture made me laugh out loud! Haha!



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