Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What My Loved One Says About Me

So I saw this link-up floating around from both by dear bloggy (and real life) friend Tyah, over at Humble Haro Abode, and Heather over at From Here to There, and I decided I wanted to join in.
So I gave my husband a homework assignment. 
And seeing as how he's not really the homework type, I was afraid this post might not actually come to fruition.
But, pleasant surprise!

What My Loved One Says About Me
Per Nathan...except for grammatical and spelling errors.
I fixed those.
At least most of them.

10 things people may not know about Carissa,

1.) Carissa Loves Gunther more than me.
They make out... kinda gross, just sayin'! 
False. We don't make out...per say.

2.) Carissa gets mad at me if I go to bed before her, even though she's going to stay up and blog until 12-1AM, never mind the fact that I get up at 5AM - makes perfect sense right?
All I'm hearing is whining...

3.) Carissa actually thinks Maycee enjoys snuggling with her, WRONG Again!
Maycee is like me, we don't like to be snuggled!
True: You're not a snuggler.
False: Maycee freakin' loves when I snuggle her
Can't you tell?

4.) Carissa Is actually pretty funny, I wouldn't ever admit that to her though, it might go to her head...
I totally called this one. Remember THIS POST?

5.) Carissa leaves 50-80 empty/half-empty water bottles on her side of the bed.
Gunther sees this as his personal stash of chew toys.
I mean, I'm hydrated.
And Gunther's entertained.
It's a win-win if you ask me.

6.)  Carissa drives me APE CHIT(censored) with all the pictures she makes me take.
Nate drives me APE CHIT when he never cooperates with picture taking.

7.) I believe Carissa is an excellent writer. But horrible at mathematics.
True. Me and numbers don't get along. ...thanks for calling me out on it.

8.) Carissa and Gunther have hair shedding contests. Gunther makes a mess all over the house and my bed, Carissa clogs the shower drain.
I mean...I dunno. It's not like it's on purpose.

9.) Carissa has little sausages for toes...
Haters gonna hate.

10.) Carissa cannot, I mean cannot park her vehicle straight to save her life!! And she hits the columns in the parking garage at her work!
Guilty as charged.

And that was all she he wrote folks.
It's been real.


  1. HAHHAHAHA I love this! Still loving the dog smooching pic! Also..my husband will say I have long monkey toes..haters! With the parking deal...I can not back up to save my life. Who needs it?

  2. Haha! This is fabulous! I also don't finish my water bottles. It drives my husband crazy! And it drives him nuts that he has to "draino" the drain every two weeks! Lotsa hair, don't care!

  3. hahaha died laughing! I love the water bottle addiction! Makes me giggle and Dan makes fun of my feet & driving all the time too... like they are p-e-r-f-e-c-t! :)

    great post!!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks Ashley! They're just jealous their feet aren't as cute as ours right?! =)

  4. that is amazing!!! HAHAHAHA
    ape chit...so awesome i'm dying!
    Great list!

  5. Hilarious! Love the pictures too!

  6. I totally get mad when Mr. Collier goes to be before me!!



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