Saturday, April 20, 2013

America Strong

It's been one helluva week.

I felt like I wanted to write about everything that happened this week, so I started trying to brainstorm in my head, what I would say and what I would write. 

And that's all I could think of.

It's been one helluva week. 

Cause it has. 

This week proved that yes, Boston is "Boston Strong," and that most of us will "#prayforboston" and all that good stuff (cause it is, good stuff). But I got another thing out of this weeks events, that I haven't really observed since I was a freshman in high school and 9/11 hit.


It turns out, us Americans, we do actually care for our neighbors. 
We've been glued to our TVs, and our radios, and Twitter since Monday's explosions, looking for news updates...cause we care. 

We care about the three people who were killed, we care about people who were injured, we care about Boston, we care about our country.
And we're pissed when bad people try and hurt our neighbors, our cities, our country. 

Yeah, it takes a tragedy to see this kind of unity, but you know what?
I don't even care.
Cause it's good to know that when there is tragedy, we're all able to stop bickering and help 
out our neighbors. 
Help out strangers. 

I feel like that's kind of the beauty of this place we live in. 
We have the freedoms, and the rights, and the abilities to disagree, and peaceably protest, and argue, and vote. And a lot of times it's frustrating, and irritating, and we start to think we dislike our neighbors, our country. But when bad things happen and people need help, we help them. 
And we defend them.  

Personally, I love it here.
And I think this week proved that deep down, everyone else does too. 

After an entire city was on lockdown for an entire day while law enforcement hunted down the people who hurt and killed our neighbors, we rejoiced together when he was captured. 

Strangers came out of their homes and stood next to other strangers, and celebrated and waved American flags and cheered on each other, and cheered on our Homeland, and cheered on the fact that we won.
That good always wins. 

And America...we're pretty good.

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