Tuesday, April 17, 2012

7X7 Award

I was tagged by none other than Tyah Jo Haro for my first ever blog award!

Aww shucks =)

 ...I'm not really sure what I'm winning or how I'm winning it, but if we're being real here...I never win anything! So needless to say, I'm pretty pumped for the blog lovin' sent my way...and I don't even have a speech prepared!

For this award I have to share 7 facts about myself, link to 7 blog entries, and nominate 7 other bloggers for this fab award!

Shall we?!...

7 facts

1.) I'm afraid of grocery shopping. It's a legit phobia here folks. I always feel like I'm in the way, with other shoppers poppin' out of blind corners and sneakin' up on me and stuff. The fuller my shopping cart becomes, the more anxiety I get. When I'm in the check out line I can just feel everyone behind me giving me the stink eye and thinking like, "ugh this girl is seriously taking  foreeeverr." I don't know what it is, but grocery shopping is just not my thang.
Gives me heart palpitations.

2.) I love politics.
 Sometimes I watch C-SPan.
Weird. I know.
(Internship with United States Congressman David Schweikert, Fall 2011)

3.) You can't convince me that any book series that comes out now or any time in the near future will ever trump Harry Potter.

4.) If you give me a sunflower I'll totally be your friend

5.) I always complain about school and how many papers I have to write and blah blah blah...but secretly I love being in Grad School.

6.) I have a gap between my two front teeth. When I was little I thought it was just temporary and that my teeth would grow together and look oh-so-pretty like the girls in magazines.
But they never did.
And I never liked it.
But I can totally squirt water out from between them at a pretty impressive distance.
So I suppose it's not too bad.

7.) I love Jesus and I can't wait to get to heaven, and I want to take as many people there with me as I can 

7 Blog Entries

7 More Award Winners!
1.) Kayla at The Lindholm Life ...I realize Tyah totally already awarded you this 7x7 honor, but I'm determined to get you blogging more girlfriend! Haha! Miss you!
2.) Ashley at Dashing Tales
3.) Amanda at My Love for Lyla
4.) Allison at Nestful of Love
5.) Sheila at Live Laugh Love
6.) Heather at From Here to There
7.) Nicole at Blogging Bissy 


  1. Hahah I seriously love #1... and I will march on with you about #3 because it is totally true!!!! Love you Rissa!

  2. oh my goodness!! I just saw his :) :) thank you for nominating me. Just FYI, I'm nominating you for the "Liebster" blog award :) Look on my blog later tonight to find out about it!
    Thanks for the nomination, Carissa!
    You're wonderful :)



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