Monday, April 9, 2012

Out in the Desert

After a few years of always missing this annual shin-dig (due to work...what else?) I finally made it out to the Cowboy Weekend hosted by my father-in-law's long time friend Gary and his fiance Jyl.
Gary and Jyl have a bunch of property down in Maricopa and they're nice enough to open up their land to their family and friends to come down, hang out, and do all kinds of fun things for the weekend! Nate and I were only able to stay for Saturday but made sure to have made the most out of it!

After getting a grand tour of the place, meeting a few chickens, and goats-namely Twinkie who's seriously like, the cutest little goat ever...crazy eye balls and all, Dan and Nate decided to go throw knives.

How very manly of them.

Nate's brother Dan 

After a few rounds of knife wielding Nate decided to shake it up a little bit and throw knives from up high.
Nate's first and foremost concern is always safety *cough cough*

I'm not so sure he was actually playing for points and accuracy, or rather was just looking for an opportunity to aggressively chuck knives through the air.
Jury's still out on that one.

A little later on in the day I discovered what I'm gonna ask for for Christmas this year:

A BB gun.

Would you believe me if I told you that I'd never shot a BB gun before? 
True story. 
So when Dan's girlfriend Sam busted out her BB gun, followed by everyone else, I decided I needed to play with it.
Did I mention it's PINK?? ...which just makes it a million times better right?! 

Carl's BB gun on the other hand... not so pink.

Sherri couldn't resist Sam's BB gun either. It totally matches her pink shirt.
Way to accessorize Sherri! 

The rest of the afternoon we spent out on the quads. Jyl took us out, showed us some neat spots, and we ate a bunch of dust along the way!

I know what you're thinking, but don't worry, I always hold on tight when we double...unless of course a good photo-op presents itself...

Who says the desert's not beautiful??

Nate still hates it when I bug him for pictures, which I still don't get cause if I wouldn't have bugged him for a group pic and ignored his complaining we would've never gotten this bad mamma jamma...  
As Dan would say, "I'm sexy and I know it..." =)

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  1. oooo that looked like a REALLY fun weekend!!! I love how much fun you guys always seem to be havin out in the AZ desert!



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