Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Sunday

So this year for Easter Sunday I decided to invite my family over and host my first ever family-holiday-get-together at my house! I was a little nervous because my house is a little on the teeny tiny side and I was afraid everyone wouldn't fit, quite frankly. But fear not, it turned out A-OK! ...(if I do say so myself)

...AND I made it through the morning with only 2 phone calls and a handful of text messages to my mom...until I realized I didn't have my brown sugar and went in to full panic mode. Don't worry though, mama performed her usual damage control and brought over her brown sugar.

Crisis averted.

My Aunt Marilyn pointed out that this was the first family get-together of the "new generation" (aka the grandkids) and that I was the first one to host it. I felt special and decided to wear a crown all day as my prize. After all, Easter is all about me and my party right?!

Totally kidding. Don't get all crazy on me!

I did however, make souvenirs for the occasion. Mason jars (cause I'm a little in love with them) filled with Easter candy! Nothing extravagant, but still fun right?!
Between these and the fabulous cake-ish pop-type-things my mom made, we had a pretty festive looking table and I was totally diggin' it!

To make it even more festive we added all the food! Cause food makes any table a million times better right?!
Now, I can't even lie...I did not make all of this food! Let's see, shout out to my cousin Craig who brought the seven layer salad made by none other than his wife Sandy (and it was delish!), my mom brought the deviled eggs and carrots, my sister and her bf Adam brought the potato and swiss cheese concoction that is seriously, amazeballs! My Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jeff brought the always-a-necessity-at-any-family-meal corn bread pudding, BUT I did however, make...drum roll please...the HAM!! My mom found this recipe for a ham glaze with honey and brown sugar and it turned out oh-so-yummy!
You better believe we didn't waste any time digging in!

And I must say, Nate banished the dogs to their bed (cause no one likes a beggar) and they stayed there until everyone was finished like the good pooches they are
...it was pretty impressive actually.

After dinner comes dessert and you better believe we had dessert! Aunt Marilyn brought the most delicious cherry cake and my mom made the tastiest lemon pie thing with white chocolate on the bottom...and make no mistake, I had a little bit( or a lot) of both!
While we let our food digest we were fortunate enough to Skype with my Aunt Trudy and Uncle Ted in Seattle and my cousin Jeff in California. It was so fun to get everyone in on the video chat! ...I'm still waiting for the day the Fleishman's make there (ahem, permanent) return to AZ!...*cough cough wink wink Bob's you're uncle* =)
If we're being real here, I don't think we're gonna get Jeff and Brittany out of California though =)

Gunny made a new Friend in Benjamin while watching the Dbacks game...seriously, how presh is this?!...Gunny didn't even try to move, he stayed there like the good, loyal buddy he is

Despite our home being a bit cramped, I really enjoy entertaining and having people over...more than Nathan can say, that's for sure!...If you know anything about Nathan you know how much he looooves to socialize
At any rate, the day turned out wonderful and my first ever hostess gig I'd say, wasn't too shabby after all! 

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