Thursday, March 28, 2013


Tea Gee Eye Eff.

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I love me some Friday's!
Linking up with Lauren today for five of my favorites from this week!

1.) Badminton
My mom bought a backyard badminton set for us to play with this summer, so we decided last weekend we needed to start breaking it in. Namely, just the rackets and the birdies; we didn't mess with the net, or the rules for that matter either. Which is a good thing since we were all over that backyard. 
Case in point:
Things got cuh-ray-zee when shuttlecocks started landing in the tree. And on the roof.
And because I'm a mature 26 year old I used the word 'shuttlecock' at every chance I
 got all afternoon.

2.) Gallery wall.
I finally finished it.
I think it turned out OK, no?

3.) Fooshaw
What's fooshaw? Per Doug and Wolf, a local sports talk radio show, it's the thing you say when you don't know what to say. And I totally won a fooshaw t-shirt this week. And I'm pretty dang pumped about it!! I never win anything! 
Yay me!

4.) Financial Peace University
Nate and I officially graduated from Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University this week!
If you've never taken this class or never heard of Dave Ramsey, you should totally look him up, look up the class, look up his books, and his website.
Like, now.
It's one of the best things my husband and I have gone through together; we absolutely enjoyed every week!

5.) Downtown
As I have mentioned before, I work in downtown Phoenix, right across the street from the capital building (pictured above), the Senate and House of Representatives, and some other neat things within the Government Mall. Since the weather's been so nice lately, and in an effort to avoid the office chair for literally eight hours a day, my friend and coworker Quan and I have started taking walks. A couple a day, and I'm totally diggin' them. 
We take a different route every time...and every time I hope to run in to Jan. You know, Governor Brewer..we're totes on a first name basis...but so far I haven't run into her loitering in the middle of the Government Mall anywhere. And why would I? She's probably got her hands full, pissing off someone new at the legislature anyway.
That's just Jan being Jan I suppose.

Quan and I walked over to Wesley Bowlin Memorial Plaza this week and there's a new monument that just opened on the Bill of Rights, and it's easily one of my new favorites!
There's a pillar for each of the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution, and the writing is inscribed in the stone.  

Honorable mention this week goes out to my bro-in-law, as it was his birthday!
If he gets mad at me for this pic, I don't even care. I told him to smile and this is the smile he gave me.
Sorry Dan.
Anyway, Dan was so thrilled about turning another year older that we couldn't even make it through the birthday song before he crashed.
Poor guy didn't even get to blow out his candles.

Just kidding.
He totally did.
A birthday without candles would be a tragedy. 
Happy Birthday Dan!!!

And happy Friday bloggy friends!! 


  1. I have a Dave Ramsey book but have yet to read it.maybe I should?? I would also say shuttlecock every second if I was playing that. awesome is it that you work around that!! Jealous!

  2. hahaha!!! OMG!!! "Thats just Jan bein' Jan" Oh sheesh I love you! And I SOO wish we had the same career, cause I would totes get out of the office to take leisure/loitering walks with you! And play office games, you are all too famous for doing!!!! xoxox

    1. Haha! If we had the same career AND the same job, I'd be in heaven!! =)



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