Friday, March 22, 2013


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Oh High Five for Friday, how I've missed you!
Linking up with Lauren today over at From My Grey Desk, for my top five things from this week!

1.) Thursday was my dear friend Abel's birthday...who's wife just happens to be one of my bff's. In fact, you can check her out over at Humble Haro Abode
See, my hubs and her hubs (Abel, that is) became man-friends when they were just knee-high to a grasshopper.
Then I met Abel
Then in High School, Abel met Tyah.
Then I met Tyah.
Then we became bff's.
Then we were all in each other's weddings.
How presh.
Happy Birthday Abel!

2.) I found this Twitter account this week
...and it has quickly become one of my favs.
If you like funny things, you'll love having these one-liners in your Twitter feed.
Although, I probably shouldn't be telling you all about it, that way I can crack funny jokes and puns and you all would think I'm the really funny one.
Just kidding.
That'd be plagiarism...and I've read enough syllabi on academic integrity in my day to know that that's a no-no.

3.) Suns beat blow-out fashion
I know, bummer, right Kobe?

4.) New season of Dancing with the Stars started this week too
Team Aly all the way...

5.) This meme:
ahh political humor. I just can't get enough.

Happy Friday folks!


  1. hahaha love that twitter!! and so sweet that you and your husband have bff married friends! love that!

  2. Sorry I am just reading friend fail right there!!!! Love the wedding pics....and that twitter..too funny!

  3. My mobile comment didnt post! darn! Well what I said wasssss. I LOVE YOU RISSA!!! and holy old high school photos that sort of scare me!! But I am so blessed to have such wonderful life long best friends! The Original Quad, there's no changin' how special that will always be!! xoxox



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