Thursday, February 7, 2013

When You Don't Have Anything to Blog About...

I've not been in much of a mood for blogging this week. 
1.) This week has been stupid and I've been really cranky, and
2.) I have nothing good to blog about

So, I enlisted the help of my husband to help me brainstorm things to blog about.
And just as I suspected...he has no future in blogging.

I said,
"Nate, I need you to help me brainstorm things to blog about"

...and he replied with,

So then I said,
"Besides that"

...and he said
"The 2nd Amendment"

So then I said,
"Seriously, no guns" which he replied
"Ok, freedom"

...and I replied with,
"Freedom from what?"

...and he answered,
"Freedom from tyranny"

...and then I was like,
"That's pretty deep, Nate. I don't get very deep on my blog"

...and then he was like,
"Sometimes you gotta get deep" which I replied,
"That's what she said"

...just kidding. I didn't say that. 
But that's definitely what I was thinking.

So anyway, the husband isn't really good for coming up with things to blog about...but at least I could blog about asking him to brainstorm things to blog about.

Thank goodness it's almost Friday.


  1. Its an important topic and one that should be talked about regularly, plus i would be a little disappointed if Nate hadn't mentioned guns, ammo or hunting.

  2. HAH that sounds like when I ask Chris for ideas!!! He is no help either but hey at least the convos are funny!!!!

  3. HAHAHHAHAHH "thats what she said" i'm surprised you didn't respond with that, he totally left it wide open!
    Guns is right, i think we need to talk about it! I'm all for the 2nd amendment! In fact my brothers exact words are:
    "When i turn 21 i'm not looking forward to legally drinking, screw that, i'm getting my concealed weapons permit BOOYAH"

  4. I love that even when you don't have anything to blog about... you still have a great post! You got serious blog skills... :)



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