Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Which of these does not belong?

How about this one?

This one?
I'll give you a's the white stuff.
Cause that white stuff is snow.
And this picture was taken in Scottsdale, Arizona.
And I'm gonna go out on a limb here when I say it doesn't usually snow in the Phoenix Metro area.
Like, ever.
So while this was happening in Scottsdale and other parts of the Phoenix Metro area today, these things also must have been happening:

It's whatevs though. I'm not even mad. If Winter wants to hang for a little bit longer, I'm totally down for that. I was convinced our "winter" was over 3 weeks ago when I had to turn my AC on in the car and ran my errands in flip flops. So if I get to turn my heater back on and wear a scarf to work, I'm totally OK with that. You can't complain about cold weather in Arizona when six months of 120 degree weather is right around the corner.

I feel kinda bad cause a few of my bloggy friends on the other side of the country are like, 
"Winter needs to leave already. It's cold, it's dreary, it's depressing, and it's cold." 
And I'm like, "Noooooo Winter, don't leave me!!!"    
It's OK though, we'll be even come August when I'm like, 
"Summer needs to leave already. It's freakin' hot, I can't touch my steering wheel, the pool is 
too hot... and it's freakin hot!"

Ahh humans, we're never satisfied are we?

Happy snow day!!


  1. When we get snow here now..its for about a 3 hours and it melts away...maybe you have been getting our snow? Can we have it back?

  2. I think you are completely right, BUT I think more people complain about winter then summer I swear it gets 60 degrees here in LA & all my friends are like winter needs to get out of here! And I'm like ugh can I wear my scarves for a week? My boots?

  3. I dont want winter to leave...AT all!!! it gets so flippin hot in the summer that the short "winter" {if you can even call it that} we get makes it some what bearable!

  4. Oh man, this crazy snow is everywhere! I personally hope winter sticks around forever. Kansas gets ridiculous in the summer. I can tolerate 70s, but when it gets to be 102, I hide.

  5. my parents live in tucson and my mom said it snowed three times one day last week! i couldn't believe it hard to believe that sometimes arizona gets snow but it is true and when it does it make the landscape very beautiful



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