Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baseball Tunes

Now that Spring Training has officially ensued, I've got baseball on the brain.
Baseball, and Paul Goldschmidt.
Cause who wouldn't have this face on the brain?

Anyway, I was browsing the Twitter last week and the Arizona Diamondbacks had a contest of sorts going on where if you did A, B, and C (I don't remember what they were), you could chose the 
walk-up song for one of the players for the home opener. 
 For those of you unfamiliar, when a player is up to bat and his name is announced, a brief snippet of a song plays while they approach the plate.
This is their walk-up song.
The player chooses their song and it can be anything from a personal favorite, something to pump them up, or maybe even something to send a message.

So I got to thinking:
If I were a major league baseball player, what would my walk-up song be?

My initial thought is maybe something Kelly Clarkson-esque. 
You know, like something very girl power, maybe a little 
"Miss Independent"  
All the opposing pitchers would see me coming and be like, "Mmm hmm there she be. Miss on her own, miss almost grown..."

Secondly, I was thinking (for obvious reasons) a little George Thorogood
"Bad to the Bone"
Cause lez be honest, I'm pretty bad to the bone.

I also entertained the idea of a little Trace Adkins
Cause the song sounds pretty sweet and would probably get fans pumped up for
my .657 batting average. 
Plus it has baseball metaphors and stuff. 
But then I thought, nah, baseball metaphors are too obvious at a baseball game.

I thought maybe a little Miley Cyrus
"Party in the USA"
might be appropriate since after all, baseball is America's past time right?
"I'm noddin' mah head like yeaahh, swingin' my bat like yeaahh"
RIP Miley Cyrus's hair. 

A little Spice Girls
also crossed my mind for the simple fact that it's a pure classic.
And plus, after every time I hit a home run I would love to be able to look at the pitcher and be like,
"Zig-a-zig ahhhh" as I round the bases.

Lastly, I was thinking about a little Will Smith
"Getin' Jiggy Wit it"
...cause I like gettin' jiggy wit it.
Na na na na nananaaaa

It's a good thing you can change your walk-up song throughout the duration of baseball season. Cause I feel like there would be too many good ones to pick from, i.e. all the ones listed above. 
Plus more. 
Like maybe, Lincoln Park or something. Paul Goldschmidt walked on to Lincoln Park last year.
Just sayin. 


  1. Love all these songs. I really love me some Kelly and the party in the usa. Yep..You can catch me dancing in the car to those!

  2. Hahaha I love these! Spice Girls!!

  3. new follower here! I'm so excited that baseball is starting up again, and I'm loving your walk-up choices, I would definitely have to switch mine throughout the season, too!

  4. This post is hilarious!
    I'm a baseball girl myself and I love hearing the songs that the guys pick!



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