Friday, February 8, 2013

Happies and Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
I'm pretty pumped to be trying a new link-up today with Stephanie and Sarah for the 
Happies and Crappies of this week!...although since I'm really behind on my Friday link-ups, don't hate me if I include things that happened way beyond a week ago.
Mmm K?!

Let's get the crappies out of the way first shall we?!
1.) Work is stupid.
We sit at a conference table for 8 hours a day all week long for "brainstorming sessions," but really we just keep having the same discussions over and over...and over again and talk ourselves in circles.
It's awesome.

2.) The dogs were in their cages ALL day yesterday.
I'm sure they think I'm pretty crappy for that.
As a consolation prize, they got to sleep on the bed last night without Dad kicking them off.
I think they forgave us after that.

3.) Did I mention work is stupid??

4.) Pouring a handful of trail-mix and all that comes out are raisins.
Boo on raisins.

Moving on...

The happies!
1.) The sky looked like this on my way home from work this week:
I do feel kind of bad, cause while I keep reading about other bloggers desperately awaiting the end of winter and still scraping snow of their car every morning...I drove home with my sun roof open today. And it was in the mid 70s
And it felt pretty good.
I won't even lie.

2.) My new work pants came in the mail this week
I love seeing the fruits of my online shopping labor

3.) New screen saver
Chevron, pink, and Valentines...what's not to love?

4.) Puppy Bowl 2013
I heard there was something along the lines of like, a Superbowl kinda thing happening last Sunday, but all I was really concerned about was the Puppy Bowl.
Cause if we're being honest here, puppies are way cuter than football players.
Just sayin'.
Maycee was like, "I could totally kick all their butts, put me in coach!"
and I had to be like, "Maycee, you're almost 4. You're not a puppy. That wouldn't be fair." And I had to tell her to quit growling at the TV and go lay down.
...she gave me the stink-eye, but whatevs.

5.) I finally figured out how to make a blog button!
 photo d3f82bcb-2ef9-4d70-a474-b71d2e7dc2b3_zpscc0f8dc3.jpg
Feel free to snag it if you feel so inclined =)

6.) New Tim Mcgraw CD is officially out!

So far, I'm LOVING this song:
T-Swift and Mr. Mcgraw himself...perf!

I don't have any big plans for the weekend, which is fine with me, cause as long as it doesn't involve's definitely happy!

Happy Friday folks!


  1. Oh myy your dogs have got to be the cutest ever!! Labs are seriously the best dogs, they will forgive you for anything. And I've just gotta say, THANK YOU for introducing me to that song, I'm in LOVE!!

  2. BOO ON RAISINS IS RIGHT! Most of us want the dang m&ms..lezbehonest :)
    Also i love that you have conversations with your pets, i talk to my cat all the time...weirdness unite! :)

  3. We have had some beautiful weather this winter too. As much as I would like for it snow just once being able to play outside with my little one has been awesome.

  4. Oh, your pups are adorable!
    So is Tim McGraw..ahem.. :)

    Love that y'all are having fabulous weather - the weather in Texas is pretty awesome too!


    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  5. Awww, I love your puppy dogs (even though they aren't puppies) ha! Makes me miss my labs!! We had a yellow one and a chocolate one. Adopted one a way after personality issues against the other one (too aggressive) and then adopted the other one away 1 year later because she really needed more attention that I could give her (I was on the road working too much).
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!



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