Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up: This is Not a Super Bowl Post

Is it safe to come out? As in, come back out onto social media and the interwebs in general? Cause I was avoiding it for basically all of Sunday cause I just couldn't take all the Super Bowl trash talking in all of my news feeds. Originally I was rooting for Denver because my first impression of Seahawks fans (and Richard Sherman) wasn't a good one, but it turns out Denver fans aren't much better because they're still trying to talk shiz even though they just got whooped. Whooped bad.

But either way I don't really care cause I did some other fun things this weekend.

Things like, my very first blate with Jessa from Life of a Sports Wife, and Leanne from Being Jane!
  Ignore all the red-eye that's in this photo, by the way.
We coordinated a meet-up for this round of Cara Box swaps, which were paired by state and I was so happy to finally meet these ladies in person!

After the meet-up Jessa and her husband actually had tickets to the Suns game they weren't able to use, so she was kind enough to offer them to Nate and I, so off we went to the Suns game!

Thanks Jessa for the awesome tickets!
The Suns are my jam right now and I just can't get enough of them. All of them. I can't even really pick a favorite player. They're the biggest surprise in the NBA this season and fortunately we were able to watch them win their 5th game in a row. It was also fan appreciation night. I felt pretty appreciated, for the record. They were doing some cool promotions and give-aways for the occasion, including the lady sitting in the row directly in front of us who randomly was handed a back pack full of Suns goodies including a Jeff Hornaceck (Suns Head Coach) bobble-head. 
I didn't feel so appreciated then.
Where's my bobble-head?? I want a back pack full of Suns SWAG - which, for all you Office fans out there, is Stuff We All Get. But alas, I didn't. Maybe it should be called SOSOUG instead - Stuff Only Some Of Us Get, cause I'm pretty sure I walked away from the game sans bobble-head.
But as a consolation prize I did get this grainy, blurry, iPhone pic:
It's OK though because I love how orange my shirt is.
Go Suns!!

So, who's ready for Monday?! ...Normally I would answer, "not me," to this question, but since Monday means it's just another day closer to me being in Vegas next weekend, watching Shania Twain live in concert, I think I'm OK with this Monday rolling around.
T-6 days!

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  1. AHH hooray for blates! Maybe we can meet for lunch next week? ;) Also super cool that Jessa gave y'all Suns tickets! I am surprising Jacob with Bobcats tickets for his birthday and can't hardly wait to give the tickets to him!

  2. Ah! You're going to Vegas next weekend?? I'm jealousss ;)) My inner 14 year old really wants to go see Britney Spears, but Shania would also be amazing!! xx

  3. Blah to Monday but on another note how darn cute are you and the man there!

  4. You're little game day outfit is precious! And I'm super jealous you're going to Vegas. :)

  5. Umm, Shania in Las Vegas?! Color me jealous. Looks like y'all had quite the fun weekend!

  6. VERY jealous of your group blate! And that was so nice of Jessa to give you those tickets... I love that girl! :D

  7. so glad you had a good blate!!!

  8. Ahh! I'm so jealous that you're going to be seeing Shania Twain this coming weekend. I want to go to Vegas and see her show so badly, so you'll definitely have to let me know how it is.

  9. I wish I would have checked the Cara Box- so cool to meet local bloggers!

  10. yay sounds like a super fun weekend! :)

  11. What a fun weekend. I love that last picture of you pretty lady



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