Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things That Make Me Cringe

Because all the creativity I could muster today is to make a list.

Things that make me cringe:

Justin Bieber

Black jelly beans

A unibrow

When the basketball commentators say the word "penetrate"

When the narrator on Gold Rush uses the term "glory hole"

Too many raisins in my trail mix and not enough M&Ms

My alarm in the morning

When someone says "epic"

When someone quotes Charlie Sheen. 
No, you're not "winning." If you're still quoting Charlie Sheen you're in fact, losing.

These kinds of dogs:
No offense if you have one, of course.

His hair:
No man should have a top-knot that looks better than mine.

His head:
...It's just so long

The LA Dodgers (don't hate me Jeff, if you're reading this)

Tampon commercials. 

75% of Facebook users

The Shamwow guy

Car dealership commercials where they talk with their hands for no good reason and it looks awkward and forced


The UofA 

Political correctness 

Hashtags on Facebook 

Trying to end a blog post. I'm really bad at it.


What makes you cringe??

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  1. Bahahahaha @ 75% of Facebook users... amen to that one, sister!!
    But all dogs are cute. You're wrong.

  2. Hahaha - I agree with so many of these! One thing that makes me cringe is the sound of walking on crunchy snow - it gives me goosebumps like nails on a chalkboard - hate it!! Lol

  3. gosh I agree with this entire list!!! Except for me it is any amount of raisins in my trail mix. I just want the chocolate!!

  4. "Well, a Chinese Crested of course!" Haha, every time I see those dogs I think of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Poor things are hideous!!

  5. awkward PDA makes me cringe. I'm all for PDA, but to an extent. When I was standing in line at the airport the other day to go through security the other day, a couple in front of me would not stop kissing and licking and biting and it was just SO awkward for everyone around trying to look anywhere, but at them.

  6. Oh the glory hole! I die of laughter every time my husband and I watch that show.

  7. Black jelly beans..what is the point to them??

  8. This is a great post. See, another reason why you have a great blog with so much variety! I LOVE black jelly beans, and would appreciate them in my trail mix to replace the raisins, which I can't stand because of all the little seeds and one in a while you get a stem. EWWWWW. I totally agree about JK's face being so long. I actually put my hand on the screen the other day to cover his chin and imagine what he would look like with a normal chin.

  9. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus need to be added to this list.

  10. haha trying to end a blog post, that and the intro are the worst parts for me. Can we just skip them?

    Yes! Political correctness, who needs it?

  11. Hahahaha. You are good at making lists like this! I hate 98% of those things as well!

  12. I love your blog

  13. HAHAHAHAH Noah's hair! I die everytime we watch the Bulls!

  14. HAHAH Omg this was too funny! I was like reading along nodding my head in agreement and I go to scroll and that dog is there I just laughed out loud!

    Great blog, new follower fo sho!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee



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