Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Bach Bash

This weekend was a good one. Mostly because I spent Saturday celebrating my dear friend Mckenzie, who, normally at this time in my post I would be like, "...blogs over at [insert blog name here]," BUT she never got her blog off the ground so I can't really do that. Feel free to make her feel bad about it.

Anyway, Ms. Mckenzie is getting married in March and we celebrated her bachelorette party this weekend. I've known Mckenzie for years, since Jr. High when we were cheerleaders together (go Jags!). Here's us at our high school graduation (go wolves!):
I'll try and find the photos of us from Jr. high, jumping on my trampoline during sleep overs, wearing slippers, flannel pajama pants, and braided pigtails. Get ready. They're good.

Anyway, since we're not in jr. high anymore our idea of recreation has changed, so instead of jumping on the trampoline all night, we started her bachelorette night painting and drinking wine. I've dubbed it:
Where was I when we were trying to think of a good hashtag for all our Insta photos?? Oh yeah...I was there, I just couldn't think of anything good. Too much wine maybe? 
Hopefully Mckenzie doesn't get mad at me for this photo....I think it's really funny so I used it. You're allowed to roast the bride-to-be right? Does posting embarrassing photos count as "roasting??"

We went to the Carrie Curran art studio in Scottsdale, AZ for all you local bloggers. It was fantastic! You can bring your own wine and snacks, and you leave with a fantastic piece of art painted by yours truly...yourself!

The bride-to-be!
Any time we took a picture I had to tell people, "Grab your wine glass so it doesn't look like I'm the only one drinking." ...I wasn't, for the record. They were too. 
CHS alums! (C-H-A-N-D-L-E-R...chandler, let's go!)

I was really nervous to do the painting thing. For some reason paint just makes me nervous. It's so permanent. To which my other dear friend, Jennica replied, "Umm have you ever used permanent marker?? That's permanent too. It's the same thing." 
Fine. Whatever. Not all of us are brave enough to go off-script and paint the Denver skyline in lieu of a couple trees, OK Jennica??
She has her Broncos and the Superbowl on the brain so I guess I can't blame her.

My final product:
Not to shabby eh? I think for my next work of art I'll have Mckenzie sit for 3 hours while I paint a portrait of her.
Kidding. That'd be weird. 

Behold: the ladies of Mckenzie's Bach Bash and our paintings!

After we finished our masterpieces we headed out to get ready and go to dinner.
Old Town Scottsdale was on the agenda, and I proudly wore my "Sassy Pants" button Mckenzie gave me. She's knows me too well. 
Her button, naturally, was "bride" so there was really no guesswork there.

The whole day/night was fantastic and I'm so happy I got to share in the bach bash festivities! Especially since Mckenzie was there for mine...

Can't wait for her big day!

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  1. What an awesome looking bachelorette party! I have to start planning mine soon and I am looking for unique ideas. In England the tradition is just to go out and get as drunk as possible, haha.

  2. Love the idea of painting together :) I think it's so fun when people think outside the box for new/creative ideas for bachelorette parties! Yours turned out great!! xx

  3. I want to do this so bad. We have it here but I have yet to go.

  4. that sounds like a blast!! also, you and your pals are friggen cute as heck!!

  5. How fun!!! Your picture turned out good!

  6. This looks like so much fun! I'm kind of afraid of paint too -- but give me wine and I'd be good to go!

  7. Your painting came out so good! And I love the little pouf you got going on...

  8. precious!!! glad you ladies had fun! PS LOVE your painting! :)

  9. So your super duper cute and I wish I was in AZ so we could hang out :( boo

  10. What a fun way to celebrate! I love your painting BTW, totally rocked it!

  11. omg, i thought that grad picture was from Tempe High. same colors! but that place looks soooo fun! your painting is awesome.



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