Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dogs in Halloween Costumes and Other Notables

So this post, I think, is going to end up being a mish-mash of things, because I was in a blogging mood tonight but couldn't really get a themed post, or even a cohesive train of thought together, for that matter. So try and keep up mmk?

Let's start with Halloween.

Originally, I wanted Halloween to have its own post with my dogs all in their costumes, lookin' adorable in all their glory. But I just couldn't muster enough creativity to stretch an entire post out of that.
I asked Nate for help, on how I should blog Halloween and he said, 
"Our dogs are f*****g cool. They wear Halloween costumes. End of blog."
Soooo since that doesn't really help me much, just check out Halloween's of years past here and here. They're much better than this one.

Nonetheless, Maycee and Gunther were as cute as ever, dressed as a bumble bee and t-rex!

And can I please just show you how cute my little niece is??
She was a strawberry.
Yes, it was as cute as it sounds.
She gave the dogs a run for their money, I can't lie.

You know who else is super cute?
My dear friend Mckenzie who had her bridal shower last weekend.
She was cute. The shower was cute. 
There's a lot of cute going on in the world these days.

So I had an epiphany the other night.
Fall weather makes me drink red wine.

I realized this epiphany after I noticed all the red wine bottles on my kitchen counter.
Normally I'm a white wine kinda gal, and I still think I like the taste(s) of white wine better, but when it's chilly outside I don't really want to drink a cold glass of wine (and white wine has to be cold, duh).
So I've been opting for the red these days.
And I'm diggin it.
Especially when they have super cute labels like my Fancy Pants up there.
Am I the only one who makes their wine selections based on how cute the label is?

I took Nate to a newly discovered (and quite possibly newly favorite) breakfast place last weekend. They specialize in different versions of eggs benedict. Ohmuhgosh I love eggs benedict.
And then I took a picture of my meal, thinking I would upload it to Insta and it just never happened. 
And I'm regretting that. 
I finally take a picture of my food and it doesn't even make it onto Insta??
For shame, I know. So I'm gonna show it to you now, just so that my effort wasn't in vain.
You should know that it's the best eggs benedict I've ever had.
And that I cleared my plate.
Cleared it.
If you're ever in AZ, you should hit up Mark's Cafe. You won't regret it.

Moving on from breakfast food to home decor, I was pretty on time this year in switching out my seasonal decorations.
Out with the old... with the new.
I rewarded myself for being on time with the fall decor, with a glass (or a few) of red wine.

And that about brings us all up to date.
Halloween, breakfast, wine, it's all there.

I read online that you're supposed to end your blog posts with a question to engage your readers. I was thinking about starting that, but since I can't really think of a good question for this mess-of-a-post, I'm just gonna end it.

The end.

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  1. How cute are the pups but the strawberry may be a tad bit cuter!!!

  2. if there is one think i love more than dogs and eggs benny, it is a dog in a costume!!!

  3. Oh man! I smiled so big at the doggy pictures! And the strawberry is too cute! Also, LOVE your pallet display!!!!!!!!

  4. I love dogs in costumes!! And your festive shelf is so cute!!

  5. Your dogs and your niece are so adorable! And I'll have to try fancy pants wine - the bottle is just too cute!

  6. So I love your blog I just stumbled across it and think it's great for a couple reasons... A) You live in Arizona which is my home. B) We both got married at the same place! We just had our wedding there in September!

  7. We got that same T-Rex costume for our pup! Target? It's so funny, she had me cracking up when I put it on her ;))

    xx em



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