Monday, November 26, 2012

Ketchup Part II

It's a little embarrassing that we just finished Thanksgiving, and Halloween is just now making it onto the blog. 

Coulda woulda shoulda been a better blogger.

Anyway...the thing I like the most about Halloween is not picking out a costume for myself...but rather, for my dogs. And the thing I like the most about dog costumes is that you can't really make a dog costume into a slutty version of whatever that costume is. Cause it annoys me enough when humans do that, I certainly would never let my dogs out of the house in a slutty Halloween costume.
Just sayin'.

I've always questioned weather it makes me a bad furmom if I like to get a laugh at the expense of my dogs...I've decided no, it doesn't.
And that's that.

Check out Maycee and Gunny's costumes from last year here

This year Gunther was the sheriff
And Maycee was a little piggy
...except Maycee's costume was too small so it didn't fit the right way and I was a little disappointed.
But I guess maybe there's some irony in that...little piggy, costume doesn't fit...
Just sayin'.
And as always, they were thrilled to be wearing costumes for the night.
But don't let Gunther's stink-eye fool you, he was totally pumped to be the Sheriff. He didn't even try to chew off the costume. He walked around with his fake gun in his fake holster and was like 
"sup dogs, I'm the sheriff 'round these here parts."
In fact, since my sister-in-law and her dog Shelton joined us for the night, and Shelton was dressed as a prisoner, I had to reign in Gunther's Sheriff ego for the night.
Sheriff, know how that goes.

Now there's a stink-eye if I ever saw one...
All in all, I think the dogs enjoyed barking at all the trick-or-treaters, scaring them away with said barking, seeing how close they could get to the candy dish without getting yelled at, and last but not least, shredding their costumes at the end of the night.

Per the usual, Halloween the dogs made for a pretty entertaining night.



  1. hahaha this is hilarious. The sheriff costume is so funny :) :) && you're just a great writer.. thanks for making me laugh, I needed it!! XO

  2. LOL .. LOVE the costumes. Where did you find them? Or did you make them? I have always wanted to find a costume for our big dog but usually can only find small outfits.

    1. Thanks Sheila! We got them at Target, in fact, that's where we always end up every year! haha! If you get there early enough in the season next year I'm sure you'll find some bigger ones =)

  3. this made me laugh so hard!! Sheriff in these here parts!! I could just hear you saying it... then giggling afterwards!!



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