Friday, July 19, 2013


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Oh boy it's finally Friday.
I've been daydreaming about Friday since Tuesday...when I got back from vacation.
Cause we all know sometimes we need a vacation from vacation.
Hashtag firstworldproblems.

And since I've been making an effort to catch things up on this blog (check out parts  one and two here and here) this week's H54F might include a few things from last week.
Hashtag sorrynotsorry

1.) Dbacks game with Julie
I went to the Dbacks game last week with my friend Julie from grad school, which made it my second baseball game in four days.
And I'm not even made about it.

2.) Tyler Skaggs
So Tyler Skaggs is a starting pitcher for the Diamondbacks...
...and I just so happen to post the above picture of Julie and I at the game on Instagram...
...and when I checked my Insta the next morning...

Tyler Skaggs totally "liked my photo"
I won't lie, I was kind of freaking out a little bit.
Julie and I were blowin' up our Gchat at work the next day, Googling the crap out of him.
The dude just turned 22.
That's OK though, the cougar look could look good on me.
He's also 6 foot 5.
I told Julie since I already have a husband, she and Tyler should totally get married, since they both like baseball and they're both really tall.

We're gonna work on making that happen.

3.) Gift card to Francesca's
I entered my very first giveaway ever over at Kasey's blog a couple weeks ago, and I totally won!
And it totally arrived in the mail last week!
I love Francesca's, and you should love it too, so if you haven't shopped there it now.
And if you haven't checked out Kasey's it now.
You'll love that too.

4.) Diploma finally arrived!
Now when I say I have my Master's degree, I actually have my Master's degree.

It's crazy to think you pay all that money...scratch get into all that debt and all it boils down to is a piece of paper.
A really expensive piece of paper.
I don't care though.
I feel smart.

5.) Redondo Beach 
My cousin tied the knot in Redondo Beach last weekend and it was a freakin' blast.
The wedding was amazing, and we made a mini-vacation out of the trip!
Can't wait to get it all up on the stay tuned for that.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Aw dang he is a cutie..send him my way!

  2. Weddings, baseball players and a Francesca's gift card. I'd definitely chalk this week up as a win! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. i would just die if a baseball player liked my photo! you are famous :)

  4. That's so awesome that Tyler Skaggs liked your photo. You're totally famous now ;)

    I want to see what you bought with your gift card woman!!



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