Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Post of Two Thousand and Thirteen

Happy New Year folks!
I wanted to get in on all the New Year’s posts everyone’s been putting up…cause quite frankly I’m feeling left out.
But I don’t think I’m in the mood to summarize, in a brief paragraph, each and every month of 2012.
That’s 12 paragraphs.
That’s like a short paper.
And since school doesn’t start for five more days I’m gonna forgo that idea.

AND since I’m not brave enough to post my New Years Resolutions on the internet (cause let’s face it, they probably won’t happen and I don’t want the whole blogosphere calling me out on it), I think I’ll go about my year in review in a different manner.

Lessons I learned in 2012:
-No matter the effort, becoming a non-procrastinator is just not in the cards for me
-If you hang a picture on the wall near the light switch, it will probably get knocked down.
A buncha times.
And you'll have to replace it.
A buncha times.
-If ever I burn myself on the oven…it will always be in the exact same spot.
-No matter how much I pretend Goran Dragic is Steve Nash, he just isn’t.
He’s short (for a bball player), white, and a foreigner, so I was thinking for a while there my trickery was gonna work. 
But then I look at the Suns’ record…
Don’t worry though Goran, we’re still friends, you dragon you.
-I learned never ever take four summer one summer.
They'll do ya dirty.
-I learned that nowhere in the song "Gangnam Style" does it include the lyrics, "open condom style"
-Mariah Carey is bi-racial (thanks for that one Stephanie)
-My sister-in-law is having a girl!
-I do an awesome job of taking notes for my friends when they're not in class
Case in point:

-Lastly, no matter how much I learned over the course of 2012...none of it impressed Mckayla Maroney.


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Cheers to 2013!



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